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Submission + - Am I really in IT or just tech support for dummies

AB_Positive writes: "We've just about finished our year here at the school that I work at, thus completing my first official year in IT. However, all year has basically been scheduling labs, replacing toner, notifying our admin that the 'net was down (usually because /. didn't come up for me) and moving a laptop cart around. Glorified secretary work with a tech twist. Now the school is great to me, my boss is my old computer teacher who I get along with great, and everyone is very nice here. There is talk about possible promotion to full Technician status which would be salary and probably a lot more than I'm making now. However, I've seen the District Technician work — he's tech support for this school and the rest in our district. Lots of travel to deal with things that more often than not are id10t issues. 45k/yr. is way more money than I've seen in my life — but I'm not sure if that's the technical field I really want to stick with. I've dabbled in lots of things, but never really excelling in anything. I could make a semi-decent web page, get multiple compilers to say "Hello World", and make something in 3-D that would look... er, horrible. I got this job on the merit of knowing how to build a computer from parts, and having an associate's in anything computer related (Multimedia and 3D design). Thing is, now that I finally have a career path, it's looking more and more like my path ends up being a stressed out traveling repairman. Not really liking how that's working out, even though the pay would be enough for me to finally get out of debt and move back home to Canada. I'm 25, have basic tech skills in almost everything but don't excel at a whole lot. I'm about to get my A+ cert which has surprised me in being more difficult than I thought it would be. What would you do in my shoes?"

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