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Comment Re:Cool, but how does that help anything? (Score 1) 463

Mars is an easier place to build a base than the Moon. You send the people to Mars, they build the infrastructure and refuel the ship, then they send the ship back. Meanwhile, they start producing drinkable water, breathable air, and food, all things that can theoretically be done there. When the next people show up, the ground has been broken, and the second wave can get started helping out, while the first wave start pumping the fuel (from the system they built the first time round) into the ship to get it heading back as soon as the second wavers are unloaded. People can be, and will be, kept busy building, colonising and terraforming.

The Moon, on the other hand, is a rock. You can't produce air, you have to bring your own water etc. Production of the basic essentials for human survival is impractical, if not outright impossible; the best you can hope for is efficient recycling, which isn't helpful for a growing colony. Once you've built the shelter (entirely from things you brought with you) and plugged in your recycling systems (which you brought with you), you're done; wait for the next shipment of supplies to arrive. When the next wave arrive, they're going to be setting up their new base, but it's not like you're going to have made any supplies to help them out.

So the Moon is closer, sure, but without a way to easily produce the things you need (not forgetting refueling the ship to return it), the only advantages it has over Mars are a shorter travel time to Earth, and less gravity to fight as you leave. Basically, it seems a heck of a lot easier to build a base on Mars than the Moon... even if the commute is a pain.

Comment Greyscale = giraffes (Score 2) 214

As soon as I heard that someone's avatar was described as being two giraffes, I knew it was going to be in black and white. As far as I can tell, their algorithm thinks that any greyscale image includes two giraffes. A rorschach test image, an art piece with a stylised tree, a black and white MS Paint picture of a stick-man Dumbledore, everything I could find got described as two giraffes (often in a "fenced-off area").

Comment Re:You don't need a ROM in order to do speedruns.. (Score 1) 151

To follow on this, I invite people to look up the Awesome Games Done Quick/Summer Games Down Quick charity streams. They often include sections by TASbot; a robot that plays tool assisted speedruns on actual consoles, running the actual games from actual game cartridge. ROMs were probably involved somewhere along the lines to create those TAS runs, but that's not what the videos are showing.

Comment Re:Basic DVD feature (Score 1) 62

Depending on how it's implemented/used, I can definitely see use use for it nowadays. Example: Their are gaming communities who upload videos where a bunch of people play the same game at once, either through co-op or just racing through the same single player game separately. Currently, they either just jam all the videos in little boxes on one screen at the same time, (usually with the individual games' sounds removed), which can get very crowded, or switch perspective between players, which means you potentially miss a lot. With this you could switch between the two 'traditional' views, and have individual feeds for each player (possibly with their game audio included?).

Comment Improved graphical quality? (Score 0) 120

Hang on a minute:

"During testing the benefits were apparent, though. Even when the actual round-trip time between input and server response was 256 ms, double-blind testers reported both the gameplay responsiveness and graphical quality of the DeLorean system were comparable to a locally played version of the game."

Gameplay responsiveness, sure, but... graphical quality? If I was testing a system like this, I'd be asking about that as a way to identify people who were just agreeing it was better because they thought it was what I wanted to hear. Graphical quality should not be affected by how quickly the streamed game can respond. There's something fishy about this.

Comment Re:The 3rd option? (Score 2) 800

You probably already know this, but for the sake of everyone else; while many theoretical situations have ways to "take a third option", this is arguing the metaphor rather than addressing the dilemma. The idea here is to put forth an ethical dilemma between letting many people die through inaction, or taking an action that saves them but killed a few others. The details of the people on each side can be relevant, but the mechanics of how each side would die (and possible specific other ways the situation could be resolved) is not.

Submission + - Contacting the author of lost software?

AAWood writes: I used to love a freeware PalmOS game from way back... so much so that I'd like a crack at making my own version for modern systems. I don't want to go ahead without contacting the author for their blessing, which is a problem when I don't have the game, aren't sure I remember the name, and can't find any indication is ever existed online.

Are there any useful avenues for tracking down forgotten developers? Should I go ahead if I can't find them? Have you ever had a situation where you needed something you knew was out there, but could no longer find?

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