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Comment Re:Gaining traction should be easy (Score 2) 177

I agree, I got tired of doing development and spending hours of my week screwing with, investigating, and solving windows bugs.....I would waste so much time and still get nowhere. If one does enterprise software development, Linux is the only way to go. I do anticipate that if Microsoft keep going on the same trajectory....they will phase out C#...

Comment Re:Power and Responsibility (Score 2) 482

You are correct on every point, but you forgot one that trumps all of them.....the US is the definition of a police state. What we know as correct, lawful, and just does not apply to most police in the US. We have a bigger prison population then Stalin, so much so that companies have formed to do this privately for a profit. Ask your self, what if Stalin's Russia looked like, lets say, small town could you tell the difference?

Comment Re:I Don't Agree with You or Jaffe (Score 1) 313

Good points....Jaffee has no cred when he is know for Twisted Metal. That game is so mindless that it is less then 2 dimensional in it's scope. Some people, who prefer intelligent games, don't like games that are mindless shoot em ups. We've play those since the days of Atari....this is the evolution. Uncharted as an example...Jaffee looks like a buffoon with a game like that out. All three games are classics with great gameplay, story, and narrative....and GREAT DIALOUGE....sounds to me that he is jealous of the games that are getting the game of the year. Don't hate Jaffe, just make better games.

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