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Comment Re:Vancouver Missing (Score 1) 253

Vancouver is not massive at all for tech, compared to Seattle, only 2h due South by car. And if you go further south to Bay area, then it's a whole other world of massive. I know because I've lived in those places. Note that everything is at least twice as expensive in Bay area compared to Vancouver, including the pay.

Comment Re:Too expensive (Score 1) 61

Try the Miband 2 from Xiaomi. It was conceived as a "smart" activity tracker but has slowly morphed into a basic "smart" watch through several iterations. At around $25, I can't really complain about anything. It's water proof and has basic display for time, notification from the phone, steps, etc. One charge lasts around 3-4 weeks. Oh, it has heart rate sensor as well.

Comment Re:Webpass stinks (Score 3) 21

I have anecdote the other way. My rental unit was promised 200Mbps by Webpass and I can attest that I can get 500Mbps up and down easily.

One thing to remember is that those older wireless routers such as the venerable WRT54G or even the Linksys WRT610/E3xxx CANNOT handle such high speed. It's likely the router that is the bottleneck. I just realized this a while ago and had to get a higher end AC wireless router and voila, 500 Mbps without any problem, whereas previously the older wireless routers tops up at 150-200 Mbps.

Comment Re:Bypassing wifi too (Score 1) 98

There is a setting I believe (I've only seen the screenshots - I didn't install iOS6) that enables iOS to use 3G if it detects the WiFi is bad. Could this be the case - your device has a terrible/slow/laggy WiFi connection and it decides using 3G would at least lead to a more stable internet connection?

I'll check for this setting. However, I don't think the WiFi connection is slow at all. The WiFi goes to a corporate network with 100 Mbps dedicated connection to the Internet both up and down. Something is definitely amiss. Btw, iOS 6.0.1 does not fix this issue.

Comment Bypassing wifi too (Score 4, Interesting) 98

Probably this is a different issue with the reported issue, but I have noticed that iOS is bypassing the wifi network and flip to cellular data network every so often (and flips back again). This happens probably a handful of times in 1 hour. This is easy to check if you have a wifi AP with tcpdump or wireshark running on it. It's especially bad when you're running VoIP app that needs to register properly so that calls can be routed to the proper IP address.

Has anyone else notice this issue?

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