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Comment Re:Not alternative firmware (Score 1) 115

raw is actually relatively simple. Most cameras will have to have the pre-debayer/pre-jpeg readout of the sensor somewhere. As long it isn't completely hidden behind some opaque hardware, find it, write it to a file, there's your raw! This not to make light of work Vitaly and Grand did early in CHDK, getting to the point where you can do that is a big job.

A bit OT, but CHDK raw doesn't necessarily buy you a lot. You get a little more dynamic range, and you can do white balance after the fact, but it's only 10bpp (some newer cameras are 12 bit, but only about 10 bits are significant. wth Canon ?), and the sensors and optics are major factors in quality. It's useful in some specific situations, but raw isn't going give your P&S snaps the same quality you get from a much more expensive camera that has native raw capability.

Comment Re:Not alternative firmware (Score 1) 115

The stuff done by the Digic DSP (rather than the plain jane ARM946ES that runs the OS, UI and CHDK) hasn't been deeply explored. You might be able to get color accent back, if your hack-fu is sufficient. The fact it hasn't been done isn't by itself a sign that it is impossible, it more frequently means no one has spent a lot of time in that particular area. Of course, if you did spend the time, you might find that it is in fact not possible. The canon firmware code is complicated enough (~3MB of machine code and data for the a540) that there are huge areas that no one has really dug into. The features that exist in CHDK are the result of someone scratching a particular itch.


Israeli Scientists Freeze Water By Warming It 165

ccktech writes "As reported by NPR and Chemistry world, the journal Science has a paper by David Ehre, Etay Lavert, Meir Lahav, and Igor Lubomirsky [note: abstract online; payment required to read the full paper] of Israel's Weizmann Institute, who have figured out a way to freeze pure water by warming it up. The trick is that pure water has different freezing points depending on the electrical charge of the surface it resides on. They found out that a negatively charged surface causes water to freeze at a lower temperature than a positively charged surface. By putting water on the pyroelectric material Lithium Tantalate, which has a negative charge when cooler but a positive change when warmer; water would remain a liquid down to -17 degrees C., and then freeze when the substrate and water were warmed up and the charge changed to positive, where water freezes at -7 degrees C."

Jetman Attempts Intercontinental Flight 140

Last year we ran the story of Yves Rossy and his DIY jetwings. Yves spent $190,000 and countless hours building a set of jet-powered wings which he used to cross the English Channel. Rossy's next goal is to cross the Strait of Gibraltar, from Tangier in Morocco and Tarifa on the southwestern tip of Spain. From the article: "Using a four-cylinder jet pack and carbon fibre wings spanning over 8ft, he will jump out of a plane at 6,500 ft and cruise at 130 mph until he reaches the Spanish coast, when he will parachute to earth." Update 18:57 GMT: mytrip writes: "Yves Rossy took off from Tangiers but five minutes into an expected 15-minute flight he was obliged to ditch into the wind-swept waters."

Scientists Turn Used LCDs Into Medicine 30

schliz writes "Scientists from the University of York have come up with a new recycling technique that extracts PVA from used LCD panels to create a 'a bioactive sponge.' The technique could allow recovered PVA to be used in pills, wound dressings and tissue scaffolds that aid human tissue regeneration. It could also keep waste LCD screens from incineration or landfill altogether."

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