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Comment Android Pay... but why? Bye Google. (Score 2) 101

They are splitting the current Google Wallet app into two different apps; Android Pay, and the New Google Wallet. Google's blurb on this states that they are splitting it into "two simpler apps", which, while correct for the individual apps, actually makes using the functionality more complicated, because you have to remember which app can do which kinds of transactions. They also have a FAQ that answers all of the questions that their pow-wow thought might be frequently asked (Lets not kid ourselves, we all know that these lists are actually MBFAQs), but they did not include the one I wanted to ask: Why are they doing this?

I think I might have the answer to this, and it is a universal one from Google. As a frequently frustrated user of many other Google services, having asked dozens of questions about why seemingly nonsensical changes have been made to various services, and never having received a reasonable answer for a single one of them, Google's universal answer to the question "Why?" is simply, "Fuck You. That's why."

I have been slowly transferring my data off of other Google services for the last 6 months. I used Google Wallet just today before reading about this new idiocy. I'm probably going to miss this phone swipe ability, but I'm not changing to the new app. I am tired of the Google culture of disposability. There have been too many things that they made, and that I enjoyed, and that they then trashed. What they need to realize is that not offering any explanation for things like this makes me as a customer feel trashed. Bye Google. You finally broke this camel's back.

Comment This whole thing could just be a rouse (Score 1) 241

They probably already have the ability to get all the information they want/need regardless of encryption. This could just be a way to placate the public when this ridiculous idea is eventually shot down and declared "a victory for privacy". If this was really a thing, it seems likely that we would have heard about it pre-Snowden.

Just exploring the possibilities.

Comment Re:inflation is not related to economy growth (Score 1) 115

No, it is inherently NOT a "controlled inflation currency". It is by its very nature deflationary, which is not a bad thing, but it is not controlled the way an elastic currency could be if it were managed properly. It is designed to be permanently deflationary. It copes with this negative inflation by being able to be broken into smaller and smaller units as necessary. The inflation rate is determined purely by market demand and nothing else. There are no mechanisms built into Bitcoin for abating inflation.

Comment Re:Pissing and Moaning (Score 1) 558

Well they did give an alternative...

"According to Hollier, a better way for everyone would be the use of emails to activate and verify users, instead of CAPTCHA"

...but how do they sign up for that email account?
Indeed, they seem to be pissing and moaning about inconvenience without really grasping the problem being solved, as evidenced by this gem:

"With time sensitive things like concerts, this can mean I miss out on the tickets as the transaction times out," Hollier said.

As opposed to everyone missing out as a bot buys all the tickets.

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