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Submission + - EVE Online channels in-game donations to Haiti ( 1

PurpleCarrot writes: Players in the MMORPG EVE Online have been encouraged to convert their virtual income into real monetary help for the Red Cross efforts in Haiti through donations of PLEXes, or game-time extensions. CCP, the developer of EVE Online, will forward 100% of the proceeds generated from donations to support Haiti. PLEXes (which extend a player's subscription for 30 days) are sold in batches of two for $34.99 in the United States, and are freely traded in the game's marketplace for ISK, the in-game currency.

Comment chipset inside and utilization? (Score 4, Interesting) 467

your not saying what chipset and what kind of usage you did.

if you are going to put a MLC drive for a gentoo distribution which is compiling 24/7, you will kill it in no time

if you got first gen micron chipset... you will have bad experience too

try again with indilinx or intel drive with SLC and come again

Comment I just made one for less than 400$ canadian! (Score 1) 101

how funny, I just bought (build-in raid hardware support) and 2x 500gb seagate 5400.6 disk to make my own portable device for less than 400$ canadian, tax and shipping included, lot cheaper than the Lacie one! I will receive everything next Monday so I could do my own test and I will compare them. I never looked for pre-build one before doing my search.

Submission + - Banned colors on the screen (

A little Frenchie writes: Deutsche Telekom and Red Bull have deposited the color magenta, and the combination blue-argent as trademarks, banning their unauthorized use in the United States and Europe. The German company Deutsche Telekom declared that the color magenta is an integral part of its logo, prohibiting anyone from using it without his permission, even on a computer screen. Meanwhile, the makers of Red Bull drinks filed as a trademark combination of blue and silver that appears on its cans.

Submission + - Microsoft apologizes for Windows Update snafus (

A little Frenchie writes: Microsoft has been having all sorts of problems with automatic Windows updates lately. First, it was reports of users who had turned off automatic update installations finding that their computers had installed and rebooted anyway without their consent, then some enterprise Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) users found out that Windows Desktop Search (WDS) had been installed without administrator approval. Microsoft acknowledged the first problem but denied the second, then relented and issued an apology via WSUS product manager Bobbie Harder's blog.

Submission + - iPhone Contains Secret Keylogger (

An anonymous reader writes: Not quite a keylogger, but still disturbing. It's been discovered that a file on the iPhone automatically stores new words that are typed on the phone for its auto correction feature. So far, so good, but unfortunately it also appears to store passwords in plain text within the file. With all the methods of accessing the iPhone filesystem, this is bad news for people who lose their iPhones or sell them without a full wipe.

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