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Comment Re:A benefit of a doubt! (Score 1) 869

well, I dont know what you are talking about when you say "Google Earth doesn't provide you with traffic and weather by itself." but i can demonstrate the traffic here google earth does show something similar. the hdtv runs at a resolution of 1920x1200 my weemote is used like a mouse. Here is a high definition tv with pc resolution that uses 1920x1080. New ones work unlike the old stuff. It is vga too

Comment Re:A benefit of a doubt! (Score 1) 869

I don't want to show of or anything but my 65 my living room pc runs 4 tb disks on a pc with linux installed, I am using a wii to navigate and launch my applications on the 65 inch high definition monitor. I use screenlet buttons and arranged them specifically on the living room tv set. I have 1 high definition card, one analog card, and cable modem. I have on one 1080p screen running at the same time, high definition program on me-tv, tvtime runs the analog cable shows, google earth for traffic and weather. There is so much more! my wii mote works with my hand motion navigating cursor and I just click on the preset screenlets icons. It is very impressive. It is sharp but my 24 inch dotpitch hpw2408 is much nicer which I have in my bedroom. But still sharp enough. It is my main living room entertainment center and can also play high definition videos from my xacti hd1000 and multimedia files just fine. It is my home system and very entertaining. You must be talking about something else.

Comment A benefit of a doubt! (Score 1) 869

I was once a KDE user. I loved many aspects of it as much as Linus did. Gnome was easier to use but lacked certain features KDE offered. This was around 5 years ago. KDE4 was released and I read plenty of people's reviews who was forcing themselves liking it. I bet it was related to Linus's Love or liking for it. Today, I was about to give KDE4 another try until I ran into this article. This confirms my earlier experiences such as barfing into a bucket, headaches, nausea. I almost cried! In gnome, we have screenlets, awn, kiba-dock, compiz fusion. The posibilities are endless in creating touchpads with screenlets buttons as executables for certain applications or using awn or kiba-dock on a 65inch HD-television for navigation on your living room setup. It is way more customizable in my own opinion and very fluid at 200fps instead of plasmoids terrible animation of what looks like 3 fps.

Why Most Published Research Findings Are False 259

Hugh Pickens writes "Researchers have found that the winner's curse may apply to the publication of scientific papers and that incorrect findings are more likely to end up in print than correct findings. Dr John Ioannidis bases his argument about incorrect research partly on a study of 49 papers on the effectiveness of medical interventions published in leading journals that had been cited by more than 1,000 other scientists, and his finding that, within only a few years, almost a third of the papers had been refuted by other studies. Ioannidis argues that scientific research is so difficult — the sample sizes must be big and the analysis rigorous — that most research may end up being wrong, and the 'hotter' the field, the greater the competition is, and the more likely that published research in top journals could be wrong. Another study earlier this year found that among the studies submitted to the FDA about the effectiveness of antidepressants, almost all of those with positive results were published, whereas very few of those with negative results saw print, although negative results are potentially just as informative as positive (if less exciting)."

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