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Comment Re:ToS (Score 1) 218


but please do not forget that Uber is a minicab service.

One way of being more efficient is to not pay the same overheads in terms of insurance / safety - and this is what they are doing.
Another is to pay drivers less - and this is what they are doing.

Moving on to real things,

if they operate cabs on a UK ambulance model (you use software to place ambulances near likely calls), they might be more efficient
if they minimise their own costs, they might be more efficient

Comment Looking in from the outside... (Score 1) 352

On was it a russian ...chances are it was.
was it the russian govt - that is a big step and really hard to prove - don't forget, much like many other private organisations/individuals, these guys are for hire - it could have been my hamster who paid for it.

On Clinton / Trump
It worries me that you Americans - on both sides - seem to lose sight of the fact that someone may disagree with your politics and still be a good person and have genuine and reasonable reasons for holding their opinion.
Personally I think it is at least partly because some of the bad things the other side says are true (on both sides) and to stop thinking about that you hold closer to your chosen man|woman and shout louder at the other woman|man.

There also seems to be a view that if you dont vote trump|clinton you are effectively voting clinton|trump

Personally I think they both have serious issues.
If I had a vote in this election (and I dont) I would not vote for either. I would look for a way of saying that neither of these are good enough for the job.

In the UK they report on the number of spoilt ballots.
if that number got be be something like the margin of victory, in a reasonably democratic country it should give the political classes as a whole pause.

Comment The CIA cannot use the knowledge too much (Score 2) 174

It is a bit like the output from the Enigma machine, if you used the knowledge too much, the Germans would have worked out that they were being 'Hacked' and then start doing something else that could not be 'hacked' in the same way.

however, you can be better placed to pick up the pieces.

US citizens may be able to correct me, but I thought that the CIA was only allowed to snoop outside the US

Comment Re:Perhaps someone should tell Accenture (Score 1) 87

Probably need to explain why chaos

All the people who use a blockchain for bitcoin need that blockchain to have 'integrity' - no edits and it is in all actors interests to behave (you would hope).
Also bitcoins are not fungible.

If you are barclays bank and have made a mistake, no-one at Citibank gives a s***.
Also USD/GBP is fungible.

Comment Perhaps someone should tell Accenture (Score 1) 87

Blockchain + Editing Tool = Database

Blockchain + Editing tool + N 'clients' = N copies of the database

Blockchain + Editing tool + N 'clients' + M 'concurrent edits' = chaos

I have a suggestion - Use a proper database.
Does your $multi-billion business depend on this blockchain|database|record, If it does - Use a proper database, keep it safe.

Comment Uber is not a 'ride sharing company' (Score 2) 239

... it is a minicab company.

If Uber was a ride sharing company then the sharer would share - which means not charge at all, or at most charge for half the petrol used.

As soon as you charge more than that you are not sharing anymore, you are a taxi (do the knowledge in London) or a minicab (stick to the regs) or illegal.

I can see no problem with most of the regs - you want to know the driver can drive, has not been disqualified, passes basic pnc checks (not a wanted criminal), the car is safe and has proper insurance and you wont get ripped off on the fare.

Uber's reasonable complaint imo is that the TFL is under pressure to set a minimum 5m wait time.

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