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Comment Re:Perhaps someone should tell Accenture (Score 1) 80

Probably need to explain why chaos

All the people who use a blockchain for bitcoin need that blockchain to have 'integrity' - no edits and it is in all actors interests to behave (you would hope).
Also bitcoins are not fungible.

If you are barclays bank and have made a mistake, no-one at Citibank gives a s***.
Also USD/GBP is fungible.

Comment Perhaps someone should tell Accenture (Score 1) 80

Blockchain + Editing Tool = Database

Blockchain + Editing tool + N 'clients' = N copies of the database

Blockchain + Editing tool + N 'clients' + M 'concurrent edits' = chaos

I have a suggestion - Use a proper database.
Does your $multi-billion business depend on this blockchain|database|record, If it does - Use a proper database, keep it safe.

Comment Uber is not a 'ride sharing company' (Score 2) 239

... it is a minicab company.

If Uber was a ride sharing company then the sharer would share - which means not charge at all, or at most charge for half the petrol used.

As soon as you charge more than that you are not sharing anymore, you are a taxi (do the knowledge in London) or a minicab (stick to the regs) or illegal.

I can see no problem with most of the regs - you want to know the driver can drive, has not been disqualified, passes basic pnc checks (not a wanted criminal), the car is safe and has proper insurance and you wont get ripped off on the fare.

Uber's reasonable complaint imo is that the TFL is under pressure to set a minimum 5m wait time.

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