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Comment Re:Racism (Score 1) 244

You just don't know your chess history. The last red chess piece disappeared back when both sides were white and just wore red or blue coats.

I've heard the Canadians still have some of the original pieces but they hide them in a ratty little box way at the back of the top shelf of the closet.

Comment 3 steps (Score 2, Insightful) 899

1. Teach critical thinking - Kids need to learn at an early age how to figure things out for themselves. This goes from how do I turn the TV on to Why is the sky blue. Self exploration of knowledge leads to a door that's hard to close. Starting at an early age, this could be enough on its own
2. Teach humility - We've all ran into ridiculous theories and misconceptions perpetuated by someones unwillingness to admit error. Before any progress can be done to foster a world driven by scientific process people need to be willing to say "I was wrong".
3. Say goodbye to religion - I have no problem with any specific ideology but an organization whose very approach means ignoring point number 1 and some amount of point number 2 will have no place in a scientific society. Sorry.

Comment Re:You Cannot Give Offense (Score 1) 651

It is your fault you're offended by it. That doesn't make it wrong to be offended.

Personally I don't find Westboro Baptists to be offensive. Sad, pathetic and deluded? Yes. However I see them more like a child acting out. If you ignore the behavior they will keep pushing and eventually give up. Of course sometimes children need spankings...

How you react to something is entirely in your control whether it initially seems like it or not.

Comment Re:Heres an idea (Score 1) 144

How about in game product placement? If I'm playing Gangsta Land II: The Ulaanbaatar Conspiracies I don't want to see drink machines with papsi cola on them. I want Pepsi cola. And I also want to be able to blow it the hell up.

If a game is going for immersion I want real products and decor. However, the revenue generated by this advertising must give me some benefit. If I'm going to view the ads I want something out of it otherwise I won't be buying your game. Use the money to make a better game or discount your games I don't really care, just give me something.

Comment Re:Come On (Score 4, Insightful) 365

You'd have a really good point if there weren't actually bigoted assholes and/or ignorant people in the world who agree with the great-grand-parent. Earlier in my life I may have been one of them.

I remember painting Muslims with a very broad and unfair brush. People would tell me that all Muslims aren't bad and most want the same thing I do, peace and prosperity. Why don't they speak out against the bigoted extremist representatives then? I would ask.

I didn't have the slightest understanding of the culture and environment those types of ideas breed in and probably still don't. However, I can come out of my own bubble enough to ask myself the question - What motivation would I have to speak out against wrongs being done against a culture who shows repeated disrespect and ignorance for my own?

I'm not suggesting we adopt sharia law and that all North American women start wearing burqa as a sign of respect. There is a very thick line between embracing and adopting a culture and respecting it.

Comment Re:Ultimate slaves? (Score 1) 295

Would that really be a problem? Presuming they do the logical thing and cause obeying them to trigger the pleasure centers of the brain you would genuinely enjoy it. For a lot of people, that would be a step up from where they are today.

I'm not saying I'd volunteer, but to some that might be an acceptable option.

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