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Comment Re:Stupid (Score 1) 413

P.S. I would love to have some guarantees that X would survive and I would be able to run a GUI app remotely, but something tells me that the days when I was taking that for granted are counted.

Wayland should be able to support remote applications, it just probably won't use the X11 protocol. I've read that some of the possibilities for remote applications in Wayland are more efficient than the X11 protocol (though that doesn't mean they can't be used with X).

Comment Re:Stupid (Score 1) 413

What's motivating Wayland-adoption is, I believe, a desire not for fancy animations and useless effects, but for smoother graphics. Nowadays there are all kinds of glitches and other imperfections. Also, Wayland is supposed to make the process of drawing graphics on the screen more efficient somehow and simplify the graphics stack or stuff like that.

Comment Re:Indeed and it misses the point in so many ways (Score 1) 233

To a certain extent, I agree. KDE's goals and future are breathtaking, but in terms of implementation not all the planned features have been implemented yet, and UIs are still being redesigned from scratch. I think of it as still being in development, but putting on a brave face on things by putting out the most usable and polished product they can manage under the circumstances. To me, KDE 4 won't be "ready" until all the major features have been fully implemented and integrated and the UI and interaction models stabilize. Nevertheless, I want to start using it ASAP, so I'll go for the first release I feel comfortable with, regardless of "readiness".

Comment Re:Dear god I hope this stops the impending wave (Score 1) 548

How does an anonymous counting of active installs violate privacy? All this does is say to the server "I exist" without specifying who you are. The worst case scenario is that the server records the IP address the info comes from, and therefor knows that at date such and such IP this and that was used by an Ubuntu machine of a certain HW model. Where is the violation of privacy? There is no *private* information here.

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