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Comment Re:Anti-Trust (Score 1) 205

Ok, I read the other comments, and verified [] that Google search still pushes Chrome. It just remembers if you say no (or it won't ask if you already have it).

Unfortunately, it does not remember forever. Just for a short period of time. Then it will spam you again to get Chrome, and it does that SEPARATELY on every Google site. Gmail, Maps, I even saw it on YouTube once.

Comment Re:I admit it, I like Windows 10. (Score 1) 265

It's not improbable. It's just not true.

The start menu in Windows 10 comes up instantly. I have it on three computers, and just for good measure, I talked to three of my coworkers (one has a corporate install, the two installed it on their own; perks of working in IT).

Guess what?

The start menu in Windows 10 comes up instantly. Just like I said.

There is no need for you to lie.

Comment How is that any different from what Google does? (Score 1) 123

If I visit Google, or Gmail, or Gmaps, YouTube, or anything else, with a non-Chrome browser, the top of the screen will ALWAYS have "do you want to install Chrome?" nagware. You can dismiss it in your session scope, but next time you come back, so does the message.

Why is that not a problem, and what Microsoft does is a problem?

Is it better on battery tests? Yeah, it is. Is it safer? It very well might be - but we don't know, since we're all running ad-blockers on non-Edge browsers, so our experiences are anecdotal at best.

Comment Cheaper? (Score 2) 428

A single clay roof tile costs the equivalent of $0.5 where I live. It's good for half a century, no problem.

I have 5 places that produce clay building bricks and clay roof tiles in a radius of 150 km to choose from.

Transportation is cheap, and even if some tiles/bricks break in transport, they're so cheap that... well, nobody cares if there's a 1% loss in material.

Comment Re:Less than 1/3 the output (Score 1) 587

The US developers, though only a year or two out of college, easily outperform even the "mid-level" developers from India. The price our company pays for Indian developers is about 1/3 the cost of US developers, but so far, we have not been able to make the math work. Even 3 Indian devs cannot produce the same quantity and quality of output as a single junior US developer.

If you're paying the Indian developers 1/3 the money you pay US developers, why not simply hire European developers for the same cost...?

Comment Re:Verge of being cost effective (Score 1) 231

A quick search [] shows that the average household electricity usage is about 10K kWh per year (900-ish per month), ranging from 14K in Louisiana to 6K in Hawaii.


That's 30 kWh per day in the worst case, and 17 kWh daily in Hawaii.

What do you spend all that electricity on?

I honestly don't understand.

Europe is at a rough average of 3K kWh per year across its countries, and that's driven up by a lot of electrical heating (which Europe requires a lot more of than Hawaii).

Comment Re:How is everyone supposed to use Emacs? (Score 1) 524

My US/Russian keyboard laptop has [ next to P, as does a UK, Italian, Croatian, Czech, Slovak and Spanish keyboard. Latin American has it next to Ã'.

Not really.

"[" may be *originally printed* on the key as the main character (and then further decorated with a sticker for the local key), but that's not where it really is, unless you switch to English layout.

Want to send Ctrl+[ ?

Not going to work if [ is AltGr+F in the first place, and AltGr is Ctrl+Alt together.

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