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Comment Re:I would say that fits my personal spending habi (Score 1) 223

Its identical for me, same counts for movies, games, music, etc... The only exception being that I'm not buying movies in HD. I'm happy with DVD for mat and my old skool 4:3 TV. I'm watching HD on my PC though - mostly through Hulu.

I can't see spending near CD prices to get MP3 quality music. Sound-wise they seem similar enough, but I'd prefer to have the uncompressed version that you can get from a disc. I also have issue with DRM and the RIAA lawsuits. Both have had a significantly negative impact on my willingness to spend on music.

Comment Re:Interesting impossibilities... (Score 1) 190

While you play the role of the optimist, I'll play the pessimist. I've played Quake 1 on the iPhone. It's beautiful for a 13 year old game and plays well. But it has one big problem - you have to rub your thumbs all over the display to move around. Bad guys like to hang out under your thumbs. This just doesn't work well in practice. And the accelerometer has limited use for games. There's no tactile feedback from the display, so you have to watch the placement of your thumbs in order to keep things in control. The iPhone would only be game worthy if it had some sort of docking cradle with analog sticks and buttons.

Some games will work on the iPhone, but for the majority my Nintendo DS is still going to be the first thing that I reach for.

Comment Re:Server (Score 1) 544

Precisely what a Dell Latitude C800 had become when it was sat on and cracked. A vertical row of keys had also failed in the accidental landing of the cheeks. The previous owner was going to toss it since the cost to replace the display and keyboard was more justified in a new notebook. I hooked a KVM up to it in case I can't SSH into the thing. But it's been the perfect little server. It's hard to beat the benefits of a UPS, low energy consumption and good powered device.

Comment Re:What IS pain? (Score 1) 628

That's exactly my question. The only feelings here are organic contact, and not emotions. This could merely be the crabs survival instinct, a reaction to the environment. The soft squishy parts of a crab are tasty and the crab knows it because they're cannibals. They've only proven that the crab gets the heck out of a shell when there's something weird going on inside that shell.

They should flip this test on its head and see if crabs can feel pleasure. Try this experiment; give them a little back rub and see if they come back to you. Or maybe they twitch a leg when you find their tickle spot. See if crabs prefer Nintendo Wii over Microsoft Xbox 360. Just try something outside their normal routines of eating and trying not to be eaten would be a nice start.

Comment Keyboard designers, please apply (Score 3, Interesting) 152

Sitting here at my desktop, monitor out of arms reach, I can't help but think that Touch is a useless feature. I'm not going to be swayed to Touch as a feature until I can make use of it. Perhaps if I was a notebook user I'd reconsider my enthusiasm. But that said, I think there's a way that they can attract desktop users...

Some company needs to completely replace the 10-key pad on a desktop keyboard with a touch screen. It should be the same size as the 10-key pad or larger, and feature a 10-key on/off switch. In the 'on' mode, you would use it as a normal 10-key. In the 'off' mode, it would give the user a touch device which could manipulate the images on the monitor. The user might see a selection box on-screen targeting the area of the pad that is available. Touch gestures would allow manipulation of the desktop. Of course a mouse would still be used for most point and click interactions. It probably should use OLED for high angle visibility and should have soft ridges for tactile feedback when you enable 10-key.

Comment Re:coming soon? (Score 1) 209

"Charles Carmichael always comes quickly." or something like that.. :)

("Chuck" TV Show reference to a recent episode.)

I'm not a fan of teaser announcements either. When ever big university is behind the news, I always have to wait 3+ years before the tech comes out. But by then it's under a new name and I've found something similar and just as good. The time to market is sometimes just too slow for these wondrous breakthroughs.

Comment Re:In My Opinion, Cisco Shouldn't Be Worried (Score 1) 267

My sentiments exactly. If a Nexus 7000 (15 terabits per second) switch and an ASR-9000 (6.4 terabits per second) router aren't large enough to do Google's job, then they're ahead of the market and have special/specific needs.

They're building the space shuttle equivalent in transportation. While the rest of us are getting along fine with passenger jets.

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