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Submission + - Apple Audits Suppliers, a Human Rights Win (

99BottlesOfBeerInMyF writes: Last week Apple published the results of their latest supplier audit (PDF) for human rights abuses. The audit itself is greatly improved from last year including specific problems found and the action taken to correct the problem; including dropping one supplier entirely.

Highlights include ten factories employing child labor, hundreds of workers poisoned by toxins, and a trend towards even more excessively long hours. While many scoff at Apple's innovation in technology, I think we can all agree they are at least innovative on the human rights front, as pretty much the only tech company to repeatedly and openly perform audits of foreign suppliers and publish the results for all to see. Love or hate Apple, we should all applaud this and pressure other companies to do the same.


Submission + - Computing Industry Misc. Settles Antitrust Case (

99BottlesOfBeerInMyF writes: Adobe, Apple, Google, Intel, Intuit, & Pixar finally settled their antitrust case over illegal hiring practices according to a press release from the Justice Department. The companies apparently had a formed a cartel with an agreement to not poach employees from one another, an agreement that harmed tech employees looking for work. All companies involved agreed to dissolve those agreements and not enter into any similar agreement with other companies. Hooray for a Justice Department enforcing our antitrust laws for a change. Hopefully they'll look into those Microsoft, RIAA, and MPAA things sometime soon.

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