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Comment Re:Does anyone really care, in this case? (Score 0) 144

Ah, the typical self centered shortsighted Slashdot commenter. "I don't do this so no one else would, therefore it must be worthless". The same kind that brags about not owning a tv but somehow needs to torrent down every show. How about giving us some expert economic or law advice?

Your arrogance is only out done by the typical Linux power user who will give you a security lecture when asking about a simple printing or display issue.

Comment No braodband at all (Score -1) 255

We have about two dozen houses up our valley but the only internet available to us is satellite, strictly because the cable company doesn't want to string half a mile of cable up our poles. Some of the houses have DSL but only the first few people whom signed up received it ( only so many ports at the switching station).

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