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Comment Re:It's not about the screen size, it's field of v (Score 1) 127

I have a projector. When I watch a movie at home the screen is filling as much of my vision as a pretty large movie theater.

That's nice. I don't. I know exactly one person who does.

I also honestly have MUCH better sound, and that is with a middle of the range receiver with cheap speakers (but there are five of them plus a subwoofer).

Me too, although that puts me in a minority. I think my upstairs neighbours would get upset if I cranked it up to the level of bass I can physically feel; like I get in a cinema.

Sure. This is great for those who have a projector and a surround sound setup. And who absolutely have to see the latest movies. But then I can see pretty much anything older than 3 months for a fraction of the cost.

Comment Re:They'll probably need something like AEGIS (Score 1) 318

The expense of a CRAM can probably be justified. You're probably going to be spending more than the drone is worth shooting it down, but not multiple orders of magnitude more. On the plus side, you get the operation flexibility of the CRAM. If drone approaches are rare, costs can be swallowed.

Comment Re: Oakhurst Dairy is correct (Score 1) 331

Let's say that we modify the law so that distribution, or packing for distribution are not covered.

"[Overtime does not apply to] The canning, processing, preserving, freezing, drying, marketing, storing, packing for shipment of [the listed items]

Is that a gramatically correct sentence? The last comma in the list should be replaced with "and" or "or" for it to be valid English.

Comment Re:In their defense... (Score 1) 542

That does sound more plausible. With Marvel and DC establishing shared Cinematic universes, Disney mining the Star Wars franchise, and the "Monsterverse" (King Kong, Godzilla etc.) and "Universal Monsters" (The Mummy and a bunch more upcoming films) doing the same thing, everyone else wants to get in on the act.

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