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Comment Re:Jumped the shark a long while ago (Score 1) 141

My understanding is that this will be based on the Pre-reboot reality. We will certainly be seeing (mostly) new characters so it should feel a little more "Star Trek" than the movies.

It is going to be set shortly after the TOS era though, and this does still have its problems. There's a lot of established continuity that we're tied into; and Star Trek fans will remember every single throwaway line about Sarek, when we are meant to have encountered each race and so on.

Comment Re: Games though? (Score 1) 127

No. I realise I'm using the jargon inaccurately, but the point is that the applications programmers will rarely use the Vulkan API as the programming interface. They'll use higher level libraries. The benefit of Vulkan is that the high level libraries can access the hardware without needing any specific details about the hardware. In other words, it abstracts the hardware.

Comment Re: Games though? (Score 1) 127

Like it or not OpenGL is on its deathbed, it will still be supported going forward but Khronos has made it quite clear that Vulkan is the future.

No, it really isn't. Vulkan is a hardware abstraction layer more than an API. Really good for getting down and dirty with the hardware, but way too low level for actual practical use.

Comment Re:Assange lacks integrity. (Score 1) 540

Obama could have signed a Pardon to reduce the 35 sentence to 34 years

I think most people would agree though, that that wouldn't really be in the spirit of the offer, and a tweet is not legally binding. Still, Obama certainly did offer clemency here.

But nobody expected him to actually stick by his word. He's a self aggrandising narcissist. The only people who still trust him at this stage are the sort of conspiracy nuts who think the WTC never even existed.

Comment Re:Your move, Assange.... (Score 1) 789

But it'd be interesting if he was extradited to the US, and then promptly extradited to Sweden.

Personally I'd find that hilarious. I can't see Assange turning himself in though. And in reality, I could at least see the US authorities wanting to question him regarding the leaks, if only for administrative reasons.

Comment Re:Brilliant (Score 1) 401

Card counting isn't illegal anywhere is it? Nevada, it's explicitly legal (courts have rules so), Atlantic City doesn't even allow casinos to bar you for counting cards. Not sure what the rule is in Monte Carlo or other popular gambling resorts. Usually casinos simply deal with this by shuffling more often.

Comment What exactly are these figures? (Score 1) 408

In any major project like this, there are a number of figures. One of them is a basic estimated cost, taking into account overruns of previous projects. Bridges typically cost X, track costs Y, tunnels cost Z.

But this is always an estimate. No major survey has been done. 50% of the time the project will be under this budget and 50% it will be over. It seems less because we rarely hear of projects completed on time and under budget. It's useful to work out how much it will cost on average because in aggregate, all major projects will work out fairly close to this.

We have a second estimate. Perhaps when we do more thorough surveys, we'll find that bridges need better foundations, or tunnels are going through some particularly difficult rock. We can estimate the probability here, and come up with a higher figure. This is a useful figure because it tells us how much we might conceivably need for this particular project, and gives us a point at which we know it's time to take action.

Since this is a federal risk analysis, I presume this is going to be as pessimistic as possible. The point of these analyses is to identify where things might go wrong, after all.

So yes, it could cost that much. But is anyone - aside from the usual negative spin the media loves to put on major infrastructure projects - suggesting it actually will?

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