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Comment Gen X are even greater job-hopping flakes! (Score 2) 214

I say this as a Gen-Xer.

My parents were in careers where you could reasonably be expected to work in the same company all your life. but things are different now. Not sure if the job market is more turbulent, or attitudes have changed. Perhaps this is a result of changes in corporate culture, or faster moving technology resulting in a lot of companies expanding, contracting, forming and collapsing. I get the impression that it was a similar situation for workers during the industrial revolution as well.

And companies are part of this change. If a department needs a new manager; they might consider hiring from the lower rank, but they're just as likely, if not more, to advertise from outside.

Comment Oh, good lord! (Score 1) 448

This is a pretty mad interpretation of "accessing a computer system". BK don't have "access". They have sent a message. They didn't receive any response, attempt to receive a response or have any means to receive a response.

And even if you can stretch the definition to cover that use, it seems like a crazy misapplication of the law - one designed to cover activity that actually does something harmful rather than getting a different device to do what BK have the capability of doing with your TV anyway (i.e. read out a description of the product).

Comment Re: Stolen Goods (Score 2) 423

Merriam Webster defines theft as

" the felonious taking and removing of personal property with intent to deprive the rightful owner of it"

. Collins has

"the dishonest taking of property belonging to another person with the intention of depriving the owner permanently of its possession"

Not all of them specify the depriving the original owner of it, but it does seem that the loss by the victim, rather than the gain by the perpetrator is what makes this theft. If I take yourproperty and immediately destroy it, I've still stolen it even though I don't have it.

Comment Doesn't pass the sniff test (Score 1) 233

United are causing a PR nightmare here. There is not enough they can pay twitter to make them take United's side. Just censoring twitter would be pointless given how the mainstream media and every other website is crucifying United.

If we look at the deleted tweet it's clearly using an Indiana Jones clip. Possibly this one. Tagging @IndianaJones (An official studio account) may simply have caused an overzealous account admin to see it and make a copyright complaint.

Comment Are these the best solutions? (Score 1) 99

And 43 ferries on longer routes would benefit from conversion to hybrids that use diesel engines to charge their batteries.

Surprised there are any gains to be had here. Hybrids are great for stop/start vehicles like commuter cars and especially buses, but we get losses through various inefficiencies as well. Are they really stopped/peak accelerating for long enough to get serious gains? Well, I guess so... Still seems surprising.

As for the regular ferries, if we're using batteries anyway, it seems like the fastest way to transfer the power would be to transfer the batteries.

Or go the whole hog. Forget the batteries. Just plug them in with an extension cable!

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