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Comment Re:They tell you upfront it isn't going to be good (Score 0) 110

I'd say Star Trek has pretty good credentials for gender equality (and racial equality). Roddenberry wanted a female first officer, but was overruled. DS9 had a female first officer and a female science officer, and Voyager had a female captain, not to mention countless female admirals and captains seen throughout all the TNG-era series. You might argue that the gender balance is a bit skewed, but that's a minor criticism.

I think a bigger criticism of Trek's equality is they've always been shy about sexuality. I can name dozens of shows with openly gay characters, but Star Trek has only ever addressed this as the moral of the week. Plenty of other shows have had openly gay characters without making too big a deal of it. Paramount was too conservative here.

Comment Netflix hasn't been about Movies for years (Score 1) 93

Orange is the New Black and House of Cards have had 4 seasons each and we're constantly seeing new shows with big budgets and high production values.

Movie fans have already seen Godfather and Empire Strikes back. They'll have a library of DVDs at their disposal. They're not really a huge market. And those that there are often prefer something that they haven't seen.

TV shows are where it's at.

Comment Re:Advert aimed at wrong market? (Score 1) 269

Nothing wrong with being a "kid's console" though. Kids like games. Nintendo typically addresses this niche as a primary market, whereas Sony and MS seem to see it as secondary to the hardcore gamer.

Nintendo tends to make cheap consoles, so it will appeal to kids. I'll not be surprised if this is priced low enough that two of them are competitive with a PS4/XBOne.

Comment Re:huh? (Score 1) 146

I think this is a roundabout way to eliminate ".com". While the collection of TLDs probably made sense in the early days of the internet, it doesn't really make a lot of sense any more. .com has become so ubiquitous that it basically means "internet".

So it should be eliminated. But everybody wants a .com. So they need to make the company TLD a must-have. They do this by making this exclusive. Once google and other big companies have them, everyone elswill want one.

Comment Re:Sounds suspiciously like Socialism to me . . . (Score 1) 909

If I only wanted to get according to my needs, I'd be working a 2 day week.

There's a certain level of social pressure to work 5 days a week though. So I spend the surplus on nice holidays, a nice car and a bunch of other consumer crap that I happen to like. I think people can be bribed with luxuries rather than threatened with starvation.

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