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Comment Re:Less demand (Score 1) 269

No. Ever since that disaster (2 years ago?), prices decreased but they never returned to normal. It just seems like manufacturers never let the prices return to their normal rates after being forced to hike them up due to the floods. It's almost like they were given a second chance at re-pricing their goods after knowing what consumers were willing to pay.

Comment Re:optical disks still cost less then usb keys in (Score 1) 269

As fatalexe said:

I switched to using USB drives to install the OS of a computer a long time ago. You can even keep them up to date with OS patches unlike burnt disks. Usually installs faster too.

I recently used a USB drive as a boot-only type device to pull up the install screen, then installed all of the ports and packages over my network.

Comment Re:X-Wing vs Tie Fighter (Score 1) 1120

SWBFII is the closest recent game with space combat but it isn't a "space sim" like XvT or XWA. Myself and many other people have been trying to get LAG to publish a new "space sim" for a few years but apparently most people don't want to play games that involve joysticks these days.

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