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Comment Re: How useful really is password length? (Score 1) 78

True, but this will save you very little. Think of all possible 12 character passwords as a 13 character password with a null character for the last character. If you have a character set of 80 characters, this will only save you 1/80th of the total possible password combinations.

Comment Expected (Score 1) 130

Tablets came out. Many basic users who used to buy a computer figured a tablet was good enough for them now. PC sales rapidly declined and the death of the PC was declared. I'm sure Windows 8 had a part in that too. Now as the tablet market has stabilized, sales numbers should as well.

Comment They know your IP address? (Score 1) 319

Most gaming services don't show other users your IP address as things like a DoS could happen. Unless they are the admins of the game or you are using a third party service that they have access to such as a Teamspeak/Ventrillo server, guild/forum web server, etc. Be careful of what you visit. Also, even the best router is not going to stop your internet pipe from getting flooded with incoming packets.

Comment Require? (Score 5, Insightful) 279

What is this poll asking? If internet access is "required", then less than 1Mbit satisfies most web/email. Streaming video requires more. Faster speeds just make downloads quicker. If asking what we prefer, then greater than 100MB would be the answer. It seems like most people are answering with what they have.

Comment Network Monitor (Score 1) 365

The network monitor looks nice for troubleshooting. I'll be using that in the future. It also has a 3D button which is pretty cool, good for showing the different elements of a web page. I don't care for the sharing feature. I guess the icon only shows up if you login to Facebook, so I'll never see it.

Comment Apps suck, but works great as a media player (Score 1) 217

Yes, I agree the apps are useless, but my Samsung SmartTV is great for playing .mp4 and .mkv files. It will even play .mt2s files you can find on Blu-Ray disks. I just plug in a 1 TB WD Passport portable hard drive to my TV, and use this as my media center. No extra devices need to be turned on. It can also play directly from computer shares, but my wireless access of the TV to the living room is quite poor.

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