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Comment Re:The Internet is this magazine. (Score 1) 327

Virtually every issue from the 1980s is a gem.

Through mid-1985, I'd have to agree. Beyond that, BYTE suffered the same fate as Creative Computing, getting watered down to be more general as both were used to fulfill remaining subscriptions of more narrowly-focused magazines like Compute! Gazette and the like as they failed. I was unfortunate enough to buy a 2-year BYTE subscription in early '85, so I saw its decline first-hand.

Comment Re:what about classical music (Score 2, Informative) 329

I am just wondering... What would happen to classcal music if they started to use Auto-tune.

I'd expect it would sound pretty horrid. The classical instruments have a much looser model of the individual notes' exact frequencies. This is essential to harmonic construction, which is all about ratios. I once read a very good article about this where the author went through a series of calculations for a C chord that produced four different frequencies for the E note above the root C.

Symphonic players have the ability to "bend toward consonance". Auto-tuning these notes to their absolute frequency would introduce a dissonance that would sound at least different, and at worst awful.

Comment Re:Asking for trouble (Score 1) 166

Who are the "legitimate" vendors who mail servers don't implement the protocol? It would be a public service if you could help people avoid them.

I suppose this can't be construed as libel, right? ;)

T-Mobile and Capital One. Logs showed no retries for either one. They just took 451 as a permanent failure.

Comment Re:Asking for trouble (Score 1) 166

I also find it hard to believe that the spammers have not figured this out. It's not like they are stupid. They try very hard to deliver their payloads. It would be trivial to update their software to retry messages that receive those codes.

Actually, some have. I started greylisting about a year ago, initially with a 1200 second interval. It cut the amount of spam actually delivered to the filters by 90%. Experimentally, I cut the delay period to 60 seconds and the numbers stayed steady, implying that none of the bots were retrying.

Last week, I saw a big run that obviously implemented retry. The logs said they retried at 15 minutes. I went to a 20-minute window and saw multiple retries. Then I changed the retry message to remove the "greylist" term (keeping the "Try again in x seconds") and the throughput is back down to a few percent of attempts, even as I cranked the delay back down to 120 seconds.

I did report the waves to the ISC handlers lists, and one of them confirmed that at least two botnets are confirmed greylist-aware.

That being said, I have had problems with a couple of legitimate vendors whose mail servers apparently don't understand a 451 status. I had to move them to using my Gmail address.


Submission + - Verizon gave up its subscribers' information (washingtonpost.com)

87C751 writes: "According to this article in the Washington Post (warning: subscription link), Verizon has given up subscriber information "hundreds of times" since 2005 without a court order. The company says it "does not determine the requests' legality or necessity because to do so would slow efforts to save lives in criminal investigations." AT&T apparently made similar disclosures, though the numbers weren't disclosed."

Journal Journal: PDF to become an open, ISO standard

This is great news: "Adobe Systems Inc. on Jan. 29 announced that it has released the full PDF (Portable Document Format) 1.7 specification to AIIM, the Association for Information and Image Management. AIIM, in turn, will start working on making PDF an ISO standard."
Now I won't have to start endless discussions with people not liking PDF because it is 'proprietary', an argument that IMHO made no sense because Adobe has alwa

The Internet

Submission + - Convincing Internet Prank Hits YouTube

RulerOf writes: Three days ago a video was posted on YouTube called "How to Sign Up for GoogleTV Beta" along with four others as part of a series called "Infinite Solutions with Mark Erickson." The video was covered over at Gizmodo and after reading the article's comments, the joke becomes much more obvious. Follow the links for some very well done pranks from How to Unlock a Hidden Minesweeper Mode to Boosting your WiFi signal with a salad bowl.

It's all wonderfully wrapped up with a reassuring video that, among highlighting the jokes, gives a much better shot of the GoogleTV beta.

Submission + - Flash Player 9 for Linux

bgibby9 writes: "It would seem that Flash Player 9 for Linux has just been released from Adobe. At present, Adobe.com looks like it's under the pump with thousands upon thousands of hits as people rush to download the player that the Linux community has been crying out for so long. http://www.adobe.com/"
Portables (Apple)

Submission + - Inside Apple's iPhone

DECS writes: Despite CNET's wild claims, Apple's market position and recent performance show the company has the ability, capacity, and interest in shaking up the mobile phone industry, something that service providers, manufacturers, and consumers desperately need. Here's why. Inside Apple's iPhone

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