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Comment Re:At Least (Score 2) 226

"But the ONLY thing Intel uses of AMD that is known is X64" - No. AMD and Intel each have hundreds (if not thousands) of patents in regards to chip technologies. Fab process, cache design, NB, SB...It's not just a license to use x86 that each hold over each others head.

Comment Re:At Least (Score 1) 226

No, it's not null and void but Intel has a year to approve. They would lose their AMD64 license. Interesting to note, the new agreement also expires if AMD ever reaches 35% market share (which is extremely unlikely before the 2015 expiration date.)

Comment BBM?? (Score 1) 283

For Heins, RIM’s ace in the hole is BlackBerry Messenger, which he says delivers mobile messaging capabilities that are unique in the smartphone market. “[BBM is] what attracts people to BlackBerry,” he said. “This is our BlackBerry experience we can deliver — there’s no other system out there where you can read, write, check if you’ve read my message. We want to make it as differentiated as possible. Going cross platform and opening up would be losing that advantage. I think there’s a huge difference between somebody who just provides the phone and the hardware and someone who provides services.”

Did someone note give Heins the memo about iMessage which gives a identical BBM experience integrated with the SMS app?

Comment Re:Why all the modding down on Macs? (Score 1) 732

As someone who regularly has to purchase modern machines, I'll challenge the statement it's exactly the same. Being able to click anywhere on the pad versus a specific point is of tremendous value. It's hard to go back. I'll also state the sensitivity and responsiveness is noticeably different, especially from HP's.

Comment Re:Literally (Score 1, Flamebait) 355

There is the key that people gloss over. "No extra cost". You forget the (literally) billions of dollar it takes to put the infrastructure in place. It's illogical to think that money came from no where, and doesn't' have a value that should be properly compensated. While $20 may be on the high side, it gets really old to hear the "no extra cost" argument. Companies invest in infrastructure to make profit, news at 11. AT&T made $3.5 billion last year. Apple made $26 billion. If you are going to harp on someone for charging to much for too little, pick a different target.

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