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Comment something you said just inspired me... (Score 1) 271

"e-bike riders only risk their own lives"

I'd like to apply this to the driver's seat in all automobiles. Namely, remove all the driver seat air bags, and replace them with a gun that automatically shoots the driver in the event of an accident. I think we would see much safer driving.

Yes, I am a grumpy old cyclist. And by the way, I do pull over and let cars and trucks pass when I need to, did it three or four times today.

Comment Can you move to second shift? (Score 1) 433

In 1979 I was 25 years old, working as a technician, and decided to go back to school. I was in a similar situation regarding educational opportunities, except I wanted to pursue a BS in engineering. I was well respected by my boss for my work, and he allowed me to work second shift while I pursued my degree, and in fact started a second shift where there had been none. Turns out some other people in the department wanted to work second shift (3pm - 11:30pm) for their own reasons, so we had a small crew of 4 or 5 which made it not so lonely. The company had tuition reimbursement for courses one passed, so the company paid for most of my degree.

I took three courses a semester each fall and spring; there were two summer sessions and I took two courses each of those, typically one course in my major and something to fill out elective requirements.

The downside: Yes, it was a grind. Nobody outside of school or work saw me for four years. In retrospect, I don't think I had enough downtime to allow all that I was learning to sink in; it is not really the best way to learn. My wife divorced me.

The upside: No student debt, a great sense of accomplishment, and my wife divorced me. Oh, and a BSEE.

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