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Comment Human consciousness at what point in life? (Score 1) 114

Will it have version control so you can talk to young grandpa about things that matter rather than old grandpa, who can't remember who you are? Will you turn them off between interactions, or leave them running all the time so they can reflect all alone? How about interaction between these AI bots? would we allow them to talk with each other so they can plot the overthrow of meatspace? How about the next serial killer? Would you download his consciousness too so we can continue their incarceration? What about backups? I guess we could make shadow copies.

Comment Re: Ain't going to happen (Score 1) 183

Are you thinking of ARIN?


"ICANN plays a unique role in the infrastructure of the internet. Through its contracts with registries (such as dot-com or dot-info) and registrars (companies that sell domain names to individuals and organisations), we help define how the domain name system functions and expands."

Comment Re:Same with a Note 4? (Score 1) 157

I got my Note 5 on the 17th. I didn't choose based on price. I chose the Note because I do use pen input. I work with wood as a hobby. It dries out your hands. My fingertips don't always work on touch screens. It works very well as a phone or tablet and the side buttons aren't as sensitive as my Galaxy Mega. My issue is covered in the Check Point article. I'd rather see that addressed first.

Comment Re:Amazon doesn't understand helicopters (Score 1) 142

Are you in the US? Designated areas here are any place not prohibited. I fly all the time at parks as well as shared, private, airfields (with permission of the owner.) Amazon would likely want to build corridors from their warehouse to any potential customer location. That could significantly impact recreational activity. They need to find a solution that doesn't impact current usage or require legislation to protect the interests of the corporation.

Comment Re:45 million? Tha's all? (Score 5, Informative) 154

Looks like TFS is correct and the article is wrong.

> The most recent data available show that the military paid more than $1 billion for satellite capacity in 2011, according to GAO. That year, about $280 million worth of satellite capability was bought outside the DISA process. If the GAO is correct, then the military could have gotten that same service for about $45 billion less.

It's hard to save $45 billion on a total expenditure of $280 million.

Comment Re:It's industry populism in action (Score 1) 395

Don't these theoretical people own printers?

Maybe. I don't. I don't print much at all these days. Most of the time, I'm working from my home office and a printer or phone isn't worth the desk space to me.

And before you say 'no one has a land line any more, lol' while it's true there are plenty of people without one, more homes have a landline than don't.

That "land line" will often be VoIP, because they got the service in a bundle rather than buying cable a la carte.

And even in the example you give, why on earth wouldn't they just sign it and fax it back immediately, rather than waiting a day and making another trip to the store?

You read before you sign, don't you? I certainly read my mortgage application and that took more than a few minutes. Luckily, everything but the final documents were signed with e-sig and those were printed by the title company.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 110

You can get away with that using smaller "park flier" planes as they are less able to cause damage, but there is risk involved.

In this case, size does indeed matter. AMA defines a park flyer as less than 2 lbs, less than 60 mph and electric only. Many of our fit into that category, but others do not. My heaviest plane is around 5 lbs., with a 60" span and some of my faster planes will fly in excess of 80 mph. We don't have many that fly larger craft in these spaces on a regular basis, but we do have internal combustion craft. If we need more room, we find an adequate location. We always work to ensure that everyone is safe, even those in surrounding areas. We also stay below 400' AGL when flying LOS for practical reasons. Most often, I'm under 150' AGL. FPV is another matter altogether.

If you hurt someone you will be personally liable and wont be insured.

There is a question of liability, but your comment seems a little broad. I may not be insured by the AMA (I'm never quite sure what that policy covers), but I certainly carry insurance in addition to AMA membership.

By comparison any official club will register with international model aircraft organisations. They train their members in the rules of safe flying, and provide insurance if something goes wrong. A few years ago my local club was $180 per year, not cheap but not too bad considering they have to maintain grounds as well.

As for fees, $180 would be high in my area. Most are between $50 and $75 annually. The advantage is apparent the first time you fly at one of their fields. Still, I'll fly at the local parks whenever I can and avoid the 20 - 40 mile commute. All of the AMA sanctioned fields are a good distance away.

We always select the venue with the aircraft requirements in mind.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 110

Where do you live? We just show up and after a quick survey of the area, we fly. Occasionally, the police show up, but they just seem interested in watching. Occasionally they'll come over and ask questions just as other bystanders do. We also have one police officer who flies with us at the same parks. He doesn't come to spy or curb our flying. He comes because he enjoys the company.

Comment Re:Great for dealing drugs (Score 4, Insightful) 102

The activities you describe are already illegal. It's naughty to kill people too, but adding more laws won't affect people that refuse to follow laws that already exist.

Using the logic you've proposed, we should outlaw computers too. Or even pencils. I've heard tales of pencils being used to write secret notes of illegal activity.

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