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Submission + - Seamless Channel Bonding (engadget.com) 2

An anonymous reader writes: Channel bonding over the Internet is a notoriously hard problem, with even the best tools in Linux just using round robin to combine identical connections. But that might be changing, as Connectify, the spook backed networking software company has announced new channel bonding software that claims to use bandwidth, latency and reliability metrics to perfectly bond any Internet connections together. Engadget has tried it and said their "test of the beta software on our end has worked seamlessly so far, requiring just a software installation and two or more internet connections (two ADSL lines in our case)."

Comment Re:More likely, (Score 2, Interesting) 344

It did end up getting escalated to the district superintendents who ultimately decided upon the punishment.

By the time they told us what it would be, I just wanted it all to be over, so I didn't much care. They didn't say they were going to give us F's - they just said that we'd be unable to return to the class and we'd receive 0s for everything we missed. And that, in the future, we'd be unable to use any of the school's computer equipment for any reason.

I honestly figured I'd *still* get an A - the class was almost over and I had a ton of extra credit. Maybe a B. And, I'd taken all the Computer classes the school offered - so it wasn't really much of a punishment at all.

When I got my report card though - it was an F. Mathematically, there is no way it would have worked out like that; but it was the summer and my GPA wasn't anything special. I'd received an A in the AP Computer Science class, scored a 4 on the AP test (as a sophomore) - but received an F in the Intro to Programming class. Despite having done excellent on all the assignments and despite having received lots and lots of extra credit. Some adult, some professional educator who was well paid by tax payer dollars, was angry and decided to give me an F.

My parents wanted to raise hell down at the district over it - but it didn't bother me and, being perfectly honest, I just wanted to be done with the whole mess. So, at my request, they dropped it.

I went through my senior year avoiding the math department, the principal, and all of the computers. It sucked. But, on the plus side, I became somewhat infamous; and pretty much everyone except my closest friends were convinced I'd done something much cooler - like hacked into the grading system or something.

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