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Comment Re:Since no one's reading his actual statements: (Score 1) 219

>> "Tesla requires drivers to remain engaged and aware when Autosteer is enabled. Drivers must keep their hands on the steering wheel.",

How do you stay "engaged" when the car is doing all the driving?

There were accidents where commercial pilots become "disengaged" while plains where auto-piloted.
Complete boredom would put anybody to sleep.

Comment Re:Power supplies? (Score 2) 26

With LED lighting it could be more possible. However, a microwave, hair dryer or iron would draw a ~20A current (~1kW power). And this requires a thick wires. Gone are electric heaters, ovens and AC etc. Smallest household hookup is 2x100A @ 110V about 15kW peak power which equivalent 48V DC would require >300A, gauge 0000, 0.46" wire in diameter.

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