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Comment self-driving robotic Post&Parcel delivery truc (Score 1) 239

Perhaps the very first self-driving vehicles would rather deliver packages than people? I do not think quadrocopters are reasonable delivery methods esp. considering battery technology but a surface vehicles combined with somewhat automated (or at least standard) mailboxes, why not?

Comment multi-level preveleges everywhere (Score 1) 91

The SSO/YOLO will be here, we're lazy humans. So I need:

First level with a day use password, easy to "read", some "write" ability.

Second level an "elevated" privileges of the account etc. must have high barrier of entry, different password, call-me-in-person back to verify (not automated though like 2-step verification), single use codes etc. Some execute this when logging from a new device. That's good but not enough.

E.g. I want to check my bank account - "daily use". I want to conduct transfers or change password - "elevated" and hence much tougher authentication.

This way if my first SSO/YOLO gets broken in I could wipe out all the other password accounts in one step with my "elevated" and unbroken password that is not a YOLO. Yes this may not be convenient to execute but hopefully it does not happen very often?

On the other hand 2 step verification every time I use something is too annoying...

Comment Re:Since no one's reading his actual statements: (Score 1) 219

>> "Tesla requires drivers to remain engaged and aware when Autosteer is enabled. Drivers must keep their hands on the steering wheel.",

How do you stay "engaged" when the car is doing all the driving?

There were accidents where commercial pilots become "disengaged" while plains where auto-piloted.
Complete boredom would put anybody to sleep.

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