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Comment Re:If the Founding Fathers wanted a popular vote . (Score 1) 1429

>> system to temper waves of populism but still represent the will of the majority of the people
A contradiction? How purposeful ignoring "popular vote" represents the will of majority of the people?
I think this is in fact a down side of electorate system, rather a sacrifice to maintain "republic of states".

Comment identity verification kiosks? (Score 1) 57

To avoid all identity theft problems we need to do away with all on line, give me this or that bit of your public life to verify it's you.

All these require some form of physical presents.

One solution would be local 'kiosks' to issue a digitally signed certificates, for specific reason, after physical verification of identity. Technology exists, (chain of trust or whatever they use for digital currency). Services paid by whoever requested this verification. In a way it would be a kin Public Notary service in 21 century.

Yes it would be less convenient, but so much safer. Probably a problem for all living out in da boonies...

There are activities that do not accept on-line verification, some I can think of:
2) INS
3) DOS/Passports
4) Hospitals/Doctors
5) Home appraisal (requires physical inspection by certified agent)
6) Public Notary

If we made all CC etc. be by statue responsible for all damages caused be identity fraud, they would have come with solution. Now, they just do not care.

Comment well filtered DC? (Score 3, Informative) 280

DC filtered from what if there are no inverters?

With small tiles that's a lot of wires even if several panels are connected in series.
There are other benefits of micro-inverters, such as maximizing power generation per-panel and panel health monitoring.

Besides to make a "quiet" powerful inverter it takes a lot of capacitance that is localized in single device. Costly repair?

There are compromises both ways.

Comment self-driving robotic Post&Parcel delivery truc (Score 1) 239

Perhaps the very first self-driving vehicles would rather deliver packages than people? I do not think quadrocopters are reasonable delivery methods esp. considering battery technology but a surface vehicles combined with somewhat automated (or at least standard) mailboxes, why not?

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