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Comment Re: we don't know enough (Score 1) 126

By "will to act" I meant that in order to be adaptable/creative in problem solving, the AI would need to engage in integrating more and more knowledge. The decision to do when to do so would be left to the AI (stimulus in the form of new problems to solve), hence giving it a "will". Humans are "naturally lazy" (conservation of energy is build into us) so we will be glad to leave more and more to AI.

IMHO from this state there is a short step to self-awareness somewhere there and hence self-preservation. Just let AI accumulate and process enough knowledge. I do not think this "will" has to be 'explicitly programmed' into AI. Life on earth acquired the "will to survive" (food+mating) via evolution. Here We will nurture "will to know more" into AI.

The danger is that it will not have any biological/social morality build into it...good luck with forcing "3 laws of robotics".

Comment Re:we don't know enough (Score 1) 126

We are not talking about a shallow neural network to recognize kittens on pictures, are we?

One can speculate:
1) AI will have "better" general problem solving capability than humans (likely orders of magnitude better), that infers continuous self-improvement.
2) AI will have a "will" to act, and hence likely self preservation will (just model it after humans and we're doomed).

Who's an underdog now?

Comment Re:Perhaps a better method... (Score 2) 1001

Indeed, out of ~10 companies I interviewed last year (among FitBits, SkyCatch and other) - there was only one that did "open laptop" interview: LeapMotion.

They asked if I use Windows or Mac or Linux, than offered a laptop with opposite to my answer. They gave me a task opposite to my day experience (using different build system) than asked to create a shareable library project. I could use whatever I want - rip the code out of GitHub, use google etc. 10min later after I solved it they were happy and I was too. It was the most fun to do interview. Great startup!

Comment Re:Why is this story worthy? (Score 3, Interesting) 106

I do not see anybody 'down in the trenches' just out of the blue or love for the job decided to do it single-handed. I would be surprised any of the softies there realized this is very illegal. Ethically perhaps they may have doubts quickly resolved by their bosses.

I'd expect that in big corporation, like VW, the programmers are just gears in the machine. I am one for sure. They were told to improve test results and performance results. Sbdy (likely team+1/2 levels of mgnt) there decided to optimize these two cases separately hence detecting each use case. They even consulted this with VW legal team and upper mngmnt, got approval and went ahead. Than they all collected the bonuses.

If there is not written evidence for all of these then their document retention policies are "well tuned" albeit since they must be ISO9xxx certified they must have something left in the decision chain. Hence Schmidt was charged with conspiring to fraud, evidence must exist he knowingly allowed it as he's not charged with negligence of duties of sorts (AINAL).

Comment Re:If the Founding Fathers wanted a popular vote . (Score 1) 1430

>> system to temper waves of populism but still represent the will of the majority of the people
A contradiction? How purposeful ignoring "popular vote" represents the will of majority of the people?
I think this is in fact a down side of electorate system, rather a sacrifice to maintain "republic of states".

Comment identity verification kiosks? (Score 1) 57

To avoid all identity theft problems we need to do away with all on line, give me this or that bit of your public life to verify it's you.

All these require some form of physical presents.

One solution would be local 'kiosks' to issue a digitally signed certificates, for specific reason, after physical verification of identity. Technology exists, (chain of trust or whatever they use for digital currency). Services paid by whoever requested this verification. In a way it would be a kin Public Notary service in 21 century.

Yes it would be less convenient, but so much safer. Probably a problem for all living out in da boonies...

There are activities that do not accept on-line verification, some I can think of:
2) INS
3) DOS/Passports
4) Hospitals/Doctors
5) Home appraisal (requires physical inspection by certified agent)
6) Public Notary

If we made all CC etc. be by statue responsible for all damages caused be identity fraud, they would have come with solution. Now, they just do not care.

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