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Comment Re:Sources of Support (Score 2) 742

It certainly would have helped if he'd published it a couple of months ago.

Yes, that would have helped Bernie Sanders, who would be a different candidate. I am guessing, that is not who they wanted to see picked. Even now the Democrats are headed to a technically open/contested convention. If Bernie would drop out (before) the convention, then we might see this kind of release of evidence to, "save the party." Without that concession, you run the risk of all the super delegates switching to Bernie and handing him the nomination. In most things timing is very important, politics is one of those things.

Comment More Than ONE Reason (Score 2) 172

I have been reading all the signals from Microsoft (free upgrade, last version, free for life) as them moving to: a subscription model, a hardware tie in model, or both. While I recognize I could be wrong, this has lead me to telling people to cling to their Windows 7 licenses. Get them before they are gone. Just in case!

Comment Re:What's missing from this story? (Score 1) 569

The PR hit will be based on the outcome. In the U.S. the odds that the police: aren't expected, don't identify themselves, and bust down the door to encounter someone "well within their rights" who has a gun is quite possible. The police are in a tough spot when working from an anonymous tip. They need to demonstrate the best judgement possible.

Comment Re:so, the key to amnesty... (Score 2) 322

It doesn't seem fishy to me at all. I am sure Microsoft is tired of the stories about how their old operating systems are more popular than their current one. Their last two releases (8.0 & 8.1) have flopped. Windows XP is still more popular than both of them combined! A fair amount of this stems from people running old operating systems on old hardware and they hope a free upgrade on the software side will create the appearance of a win.

Comment Re:Does a pig need leaches? (Score 1) 215

That is great, however there is a whole set of employers that hire by the project. I personally attempt to avoid this (trying to provide stability for my family), however there is a certain appeal in always being focused on building something new. In this situation, having someone trying to make sure there is a next project to move to, would be nice.

Comment Re:Unified Kernel (Score 1) 352

The real last step is getting the WinRT APIs and environments up to snuff so they can be seamlessly used alongside Win32 applications on the desktop.

You mean like this?

I am no fan of Windows 8, however it biggest problem is its face not its core or its capabilities. Compared to a few years ago (when the: common, random, and jarring full screen interruption was a blue screen of death), this is the world upside down.

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