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Comment Re:Sweet! (Score -1, Troll) 90

Sweet for Apple is that there may be finally an end to the Android ripoff but sadly Steve never lived to see it.

It started when Samsung was hit by the spectacular ONE BILLION DOLLAR judgement in the USA.

Samsung is now being sued by another Korean Android manufacturer for ripping off patented display technology.

Samsung is the first Android manufacturer that may get hit with a FIFTEEN BILLION DOLLAR judgement from the governments for attacking Apple in the EU.

There is now an outside possibility that ALL other Samsung products including TVs may be effectively removed from the US market for four months if Samsung makes another misstep in the US Courts.

Samsung now has to post an 80% bond that may go to 100% covering Android products sold in the USA for four months.

Samsung was forced to agree never to bring their new Android mini to the USA which is going to hurt Samsung the most in their biggest Android market going forward.

Sadly for the leading global Android manufacturer who arrogantly choose to goto war with Apple over Android that is the equivalent of a financial thermonuclear hit!

Oh wait...

Comment Re:$500,00 equipment with WinXP (Score 1) 727

A lot of cafes in my country are using some Turbo Vision based software for processing orders and receipts.

Not a problem. Thousands upon thousands are turning to Apple iPads for processing orders and creating receipts. It is quite an interesting phenomena to see such an explosive change. Already I am getting asked everywhere do I want a printed receipt or would I prefer an email receipt. I always take the email version which makes my life easier and saves on paper clutter. I don't care if they use my email address to shoot me a special deal to get me to come back either.

That is another key example of how Apple created a disruptive change in how an industry operates. Everyone seems to have simultaneously discovered they don't really need a PC to replace a cash registrar. Today for example I had a guy slide my American Express right there into his iPhone case which had a credit card reader and I signed the screen with my finger. That is right up there as the world's smallest checkout terminal.

Another sea change due to smart phones is the appearance of QR Codes everywhere. I am seeing some businesses devote one whole window display to a gigantic QR code that can be easily read a block away. These point to catalogs, special deals or the menu of the day.

Bottom line XP doesn't do these things and when it is time o stop using it there is no need to waste money on a new PC that isn't particularly well designed for the checkout task.

Comment Re:No matter what the outcome actually is.... (Score 1) 1184

In the end the only true winners, are the lawyers.

Except in a case like this, aren't most of the lawyers already on one or the other company's payroll? If so, they're not getting a cut of the award.

Samsung hired one of the best known law firms Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP. They even have a Wikipedia page:

So at least Samsung's lawyers are not on their payroll.

Samsung's lawyers are from Google's specially chosen and retained law firm, most seem to be ignorant of that detail.

Comment How to Defeat the Air Force’s Powerful Steal (Score 0) 490

Germany just demonstrated in June 2012 a military tactic for taking out the vaunted US Stealth F22 Raptor in close combat and it works.

I bet Iran is paying close attention to this.

That expensive US stealth fighter can be had by the more nimble Germans!

It appears United States Navy Admiral and Chief of Naval Operations Jonathan Greenert was proved right, the stealth advantage can be defeated in a real war!

No one is offering to let the Germans try it on the stealth F35 in a mock fight for obvious reasons (Obama's election?) but I bet that tactic may work on the F35 too.

The Wired update for 7/31/2012 has the US military spin doctors claiming the test was flawed as no German Typhoon will ever get close enough for 'close combat' in a real shoot out so you need to read the whole article to see for yourself.

What a waste of money!

Comment Microsoft is still in dust - Apple is 4D & 5D (Score 1) 563

Apple's Wild New Patent Covers TV & Advanced 5D Technology - []

Twenty five more patents were just granted to Apple that blow past Wii, Move, and Kinect which will all be instantly rendered obsolete the moment these patents appear as Apple 4D and 5D hardware.

Could this be why Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo all now fear Apple TV?

Samsung get your hardware and software copiers ready, you know you have nothing to fear.


“They copied all they could follow,
But they couldn’t copy my mind.

“So I left ‘em sweatin’ and schemin’,
a year and a half behind”

Comment Apple's Wild New Patent Covers TV & Advanced 5 (Score 1) 377

Apple's Wild New Patent Covers TV & Advanced 5D Technology - Patently Apple

2012/07 Granted Patent Number One

Could this be why the industry now fears Apple TV?

“They copied all they could follow,
But they couldn’t copy my mind.

“So I left ‘em sweatin’ and schemin’,
a year and a half behind”

Comment Re:Official and formal presence.. (Score 1) 34

As apposed to backdoor sponsorship? Makes for a nice trap. Like when Goldfinger got all the mafia guys into one room and gassed 'em.

In related news after Apple's earnings report, Apple in a conference call to investors this evening invited all of Slashdot's top posters to attend an all expenses Apple paid conference at the mogul retreat in Sun Valley, Idaho next Saturday.

Comment Re:No, it isn't misleading (Score 1) 241

Funny that you mention this.

I just bought a Ford made in Cologne, Germany.

But Ford has software technology made in the USA by Microsoft, doesn't that count for something?

Whoops my bad. No one would want to mention that about Ford.

Microsoft is the reason Ford just fell in JD Power reliability rankings because the Microsoft Ford custom multi media center user experience was so unreliable.

I just bought a new 2012 family car a couple of weeks ago. I was intrigued by new 2012/2013 technology from Ford but I clearly did not want my wife to be alone and suffer the Ford equivalent of the infamous 'Blue Screen of Death'. I bought a Toyota Hybrid Camry XLS which was manufactured in Kentucky a few days after my order and delivered a week later.

Marietta Toyota called the morning it was delivered and my wife drove it home that afternoon with less than five miles on the odometer.

BTW she just had her first free OTA software update from Toyota which added new features.

Who cares where it is built today? The proven high technology that you are getting today is a lot of where your satisfaction is in a global economy. NOTE: The 2012 THC has forty two computers managing all aspects of your ride.

Comment Re:Obviously bogus (Score 1) 77

Well considering this can't self-replciate, and you must be duped into opening the zip, then launching the attachment, your statement is true in the scope of this malware. It's a trojan, not a virus.

This is about as nefarious as me sending a batch file to you saying 'run this safe file'.

It is pure social engineering, and has nothing to do with the OS security, other than it targets a Mac. Rather poor social engineering at that .

Yes I would assume this Mac attack will prove successful only among those geeks who normally would fall for this seeming legit instruction...

Submission + - Weather Channel Buys Wunderground, Storm Warning! (

4phun writes: The NYTimes writes, "In the eyes of Weather Underground’s ardent fans, the Weather Channel appears to represent the wrong kind of weather information: personality-driven sunniness and hype, they say, rather than the pure science of data. "

"It happens all the time"

  “Something great gets invented and sold in the United States, and it gets bought up and destroyed.”

To illustrate the shock and anger, it is as if it was just announced that Microsoft's Balmer bought the biggest Open Source software provider and turned it into a Microsoft subsidiary to eliminate competition.

Comment Samsung Banned - Android fans also hit by Judge K (Score 1) 217

Boom another major blow to Samsung and Android Tuesday and then the ruling specifically addresses any Geek's desire for a 'pure Android' to boot.

This could not get any more specific than Tuesday's Judgements. Here are some of them...

"The record contains evidence that, while Apples U.S. market share in unit shipments may have continued to grow from the third to fourth quarters of 2011, even after release of the Galaxy Nexus on December 15, 2011, Apples U.S. market share fell by several percentage points in the first quarter of 2012 i.e., the three months after the Galaxy Nexus was released while Samsungs U.S. market share grew by roughly the same percentage points," the order read.

"The Court found that Apple had shown a clear likelihood that Samsung has and will continue to take market share from Apple, and moreover that it is doing so with a product that likely infringes for of Apple's likely valid patents." ...

Though Samsung attempted to block the injunction with its own argument that it would suffer irreparable harm, the court was not sympathetic to the line of reasoning. "The harms identified by Samsung in the coming weeks or months are no more than the expected harms that accompany any enjoined business" ...

Here is proof Judge Koh clearly knows how to think and reason...

"Furthermore, Samsungs very argument at the hearing that it would be irreparably harmed by lost Galaxy Nexus sales to Apple, due to the strength of Apples platform stickiness and brand loyalty among its customers, undermines the position it has maintained during this litigation that
Galaxy Nexus customers are unlikely to buy Apple products in Samsungs stead. Samsungs argument instead supports Apples position that the Galaxy Nexus is taking sales away from Apple." ...

And the one that startled me the most as quoted from the blog AppleInsider...

"Samsung also made an absurd argument that a sales ban of the Galaxy Nexus would harm "certain "techie" consumers who value the pure Android operating system and who will be unable to find any close substitute within the same price point." The court summarily dismissed the claim, citing Samsung's own frequent assertion that it sells more than one smartphone."


There are plenty of cheap older Androids to choose from!

The Injunction against Samsung now stands and is in full effect. ...


Comment Boom Zap 13 More Decisions Against Samsung (Score 1) 217

Judge rejects Samsung's request to lift ban on U.S. tablet sales

(Reuters) - A U.S. judge on Monday rejected a request by South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co. to lift a ban on U.S. sales of its Galaxy Tab 10.1, a tablet computer that competes with Apple Inc.'s iPad.

Judge Koh deals next blow to Samsung, denies all 12 of its summary judgment requests against Apple Sunday, July 1, 2012
“On Saturday, Judge Koh denied the entirety of a comprehensive summary judgment motion that Samsung brought in May,”

Comment Re:How about... (Score 1) 355

But GOOGLE doesn't care about you any more than the OEM or Carrier does.

Think about it. Google could solve this with the stroke of a pen. It's their baby; they control the licensing, period.

But 2.2, 2.3 or 4.1 all return ad hits to Google quite nicely, thank you; so why SHOULD they care?


I would change this from INTERESTING to a solid (Score:5, INSIGHTFUL) for "all return ad hits to Google quite nicely, thank you; so why SHOULD they care?"

Comment Re:How about... (Score 1) 355

Presumably anyone who cant manage to support two versions of Android is stupid or incompetent.

I think the is the crux of the problem: is it that thousands and thousands of developers are all stupid or incompetent, or is it that Google has not provided an ecosystem that makes it financially worth it to make things work perfectly, debug, test, answer support questions, etc., for large numbers of versions and devices?

The iPhone is a whole different beast. There have been 5 total models since its initial release, and 5 versions of the OS. Over 80% of all iPhone users are on the latest OS. The iPhone 3GS, released about 3 years ago, runs the current OS and will be upgradable to the next one. That leaves the original iPhone, and the iPhone 3G (which many had complaints about its upgradability) as the only orphaned iPhones. That's one side of the equation. On the other side is an app marketplace which outsells Android by a significant margin despite a smaller installed base, and which is well-curated with a clear path from development to release to sales. That yields a dramatically better return on investment, and is (I think) the reason developers are less willing to support the latest (or multiple) Android versions.

Let it be added "That yields a dramatically better return on end user experience also, which is the reason the iPhone is the single most popular SmartPhone in a world full of millions of fragmented Androids"

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