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Comment It's just butchery of the finest kind (Score 1) 139

I can not believe this shit.. Some predictions I've read in the past are coming true! f&*k! "armies of half pigs half humans will be sent one day to kill normal humans" science? bull shit.. they will not fear enemy's bullets or knives and will not cry either.. the "perfect soldiers" this is shit.. to all honesty.. 800 more years of this to past the worst though.. in the meantime, we can't do more than watch.. observe how we eat ourselves in our own labs.. and how we exterminate the natural life and the planet.. outrage of the worst kind will you just sit behind your pretty screen watching this shit just develop? well, what else can we do? I know.. invest your devalued dollar in their company, to make "their" dreams come true! all for the sake of the dollar.. dreams of seeing shares rise in value..? only temporary though.. shit dreams or short temped riches.. how sad.. but there is hope.. our spirit lives past this crap.. even if we ruin our bodies..

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