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Comment Re:A day late, but... (Score 1) 447

"It's certainly not a violation of human rights to prevent someone convicted of a crime travelling, it's certainly not a violation of human rights to confiscate a passport of someone who has been charged awaiting trial from travelling."

Wrong again, it is not a requirement that he is being convicted. Being wanted/charged is enough.

It does not matter that he is abroad.

He is actually allowed to travel to the US. They have clarified that he will be given one way documents if he surrenders.

How Russia handles people without valid passports is not a matter for the US to consider.

While I agree he should not have been charged in the first place these arguments that they are somehow violating his rights to travel are just ludicrous.

Comment Re:Was that sucker nuclear? (Score 1) 145

No, I guess they just thought it was a cool name or something.

No one is actually using nuclear powered rockets. There has been plenty of projects in the past but they were all cancelled sooner or later.

But there could be plenty of other dangerous stuff aboard that rocket and I have no idea what might have been in the satellites.

Comment Re:A day late, but... (Score 1) 447

Revoking Snowden's passport also violates this from what I can see as by removing his passport they're removing his right to travel and hence to leave Russia.

It is not a violation of the human rights to prevent someone wanted on criminal charges from traveling. If it was all police arrests would be illegal which would obviously be absurd.

If the charges are fair is another matter.

Comment Re:Norway (Score 3, Informative) 447

Norway has declined his application on formal grounds: (article in Norwegian language).

According to Norwegian law you have to actually be on Norwegian territory (an embassy would do) to apply for asylum. Since the application was sent to the embassy in Moscow by fax it was denied.

I think most of Europe has similar laws and will deny his application for the same reason.

Comment Re:Old news (Score 1) 375

"system.what? system.ini is gone for more than a decade now."

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\ -> shell (REG_SZ, create if needed).

Default is explorer.exe but you can replace it with any executable you want. (Have not tested this personally since the XP days, but the key is still there in Win7).

"I have not seen any viable shell replacement for Windows in the last couple of years, only half-baked unfinished solutions so far."

True enough.

Comment Re:Fukushima Death Toll Approaches Zero (Score 1) 168

I agree completely with your conclusion, but this statement is misleading:

"background radiation (e.g. previous nuclear tests)"

Only about 3% of the background radiation originates from man made sources like medical radiation, nuclear testings and power stations.

Almost all of it is from naturally occurring sources like radioactive minerals in the earth crusts, the sun or cosmic rays.

Comment Re:Kind of early to predict that (Score 1) 305

The security is not any better for you, it is better for your corporate masters.

You see, they get to have complete 100% control on what you can or cannot do with the device. Event to the point of remote wipe if you loose the phone or decide to quit withouts giving it back.

That is the big difference and what they mean by "better security".

Comment Re:AT&T's Fault? (Score 1) 265

Were the phone and the service sold as separate deals? I think that might be an important point.

Many places in the world iPhones are only sold as a bundled device with a service plan from a specific provider and the phone and service can be seen as 'one product'.

I do not know if that is the case here, but in such a case it does not seem fair that the customer is charged for traffic he did not initiate. The provider who sold him the phone + service plan should be responsible for the behavior of the product as a whole.

Of course, if you buy the phone and service separately I guess you'll be on your own.

Disclaimer: IANAL and this post just reflects my personal thoughts and opinions on the matter.

Comment Re:Intresting facts (Score 4, Informative) 454


and author of articles on how to use the legal system to get revenge on people [].

Did you use Google language tools or something to get at that conclusion?

I am not Swedish but as a Norwegian with a very similar language (to me Swedish seems more like a strange dialect of my own language) I can read and understand swedish pretty well.

The link is not about how to use the legal system to get revenge on people, in fact the legal system, police, prosecutors or lawyers is not even mentioned in the article. Neither does she suggest making false charges or anything similar. The only use of the Swedish equivalent for "legal" (läglig) is to say that your revenge must be legal, making false charges is not legal in Sweden and may in fact be punished with jail time.

The article is more about how to be systematic when you planning your revenge by listing your ideas and ranking them by probability of success and that your revenge should be comparative to the offense you want revenge for.

At worst the article is childish and a sign of some underlying psychic instability or immaturity in this woman. The worst thing she suggest as an idea for revenge is to make sure your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend gets a lunatic on his/her tail. That is at least of very questionable ethics and may perhaps be illegal depending on how you go about doing it, but she gives no details at all about how to accomplish such an act. In fact she is very vague on ideas for revenge at all.

I have no idea about the rest of your claims, they may very well be true.

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