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Comment This proves imbeciles exist (Score 1) 533

Should we make 4mb a cap for all connections? How about for backbone connections? How about 4mb max for a connection for a town or city? How about a 4mb limit to hook up schools,? All this does is justify their sticking with DSL in many markets. I won't go into the details, but best I can tell the reason AT&T stuck with DSL was due to the union workers not wanting to deal with fiber. The reasons were: 1. They would not need as many workers to keep fiber running 2. LIghtning destroys copper (and creates more work). I could add some annoyances like: DSL could (and probably does) create RF hash and interference. I don't do 4mb and lower unless I don't have a choice. Needless to say, AT&T is not going to be my choice until they actually get a clue and start rolling out FTTH, like they could have done damn near 20 years ago.

Comment Not a surprise (Score 1) 82

If your using the same controllers as the target for that virus, but your not running applications requiring precise speed control you would not even notice anything has changed. As I understand it, centrifuges rely on a well controlled rotation speed to hit a certain amount of G force. Most industrial applications don't require speed control to be that exact and generally are not going to be running fast enough to cause destruction from the stress. It sure is sad that the trolls have nothing better to do than take this subject so far off course this leads to 95% of the thread being useless garbage. I guess many of them are now unemployed and looking for something to do, since they seem to have at least another 4 years to find a job.

Comment And you think? (Score 1) 264

You happen to believe voting is secure now? I know people that can tell me which graveyards have the most active voters. That alone ought to be a clue that web voting is something worth considering. The biggest problem I see with web voting is that many don't have, or know how to use the web. The potential for someone using mis information to influence the outcome of the election is a very real possibility. Of course we already have that with the advertising done for most any political candidate now.

Comment A Must See! (Score 1) 1367

If you have not had the chance to see the movie "An Inconsistent Truth" do so! It reveals why many people want you to believe in Global Warming. Several people will be made very rich by the 'redistribute the wealth' plan. It is another plan to push the 'one world order' agenda. . It is absolute junk science that is designed to make things more expensive at your expense and to benefit a very few others. When it showed in Nashville three theaters had to open to handle the crowd on the first day.

Submission + - Copyright Violation by Hyper Link? (

40ohms writes: Is there some mandate that allows the DHS to modify DNS settings to allow them to disable web sites at will? I don't recall such as being lawful behavior. It might even be considered computer hacking. What is your take?

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