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Comment Re:Invitation strategy. (Score 1) 350

I think the purpose of invitations is to allow time for adjustments and tuning and adding resources to the hosting environment, not malice or a desire to make people beg.

Much like invitations are used to make sure every guest gets a seat and a piece of cake at the party....

Comment Re:You get what you pay for. (Score 2, Insightful) 818

I've been thinking along the same lines. It is a generalisation of course every fate is different, but I think many people growing up today in the western world seem less happy, more cynical and depressed, unable to focus etc. Basically the symptoms you describe.
I also agree it's related to having it too easy when they (we) were young. Many were born into a high standard of living and nothing was hard until they moved out of their parents home. Life was good then suddenly gets dramatically worse (Not bad, in any objective way of measuring it, but worse than they are used to.)

Compare this to their parents, who grew up from the 40s to the 80s. From the hardships of life in the 40s to the luxury of the 80s they managed to increase their quality of life little by little throughout their entire lives ending up with houses, fine cars, big salaries and stable employment. To see this progress year by year is motivating and makes people happy.

People today often struggle to reach the same standard they had when they were living at home, let alone seeing some consistent improvement. They are fighting to get "back to even", basically. You work for years in order to pay down on a house half the size of the one you grew up in, if you can even dream of affording a house at all. You save for years to go to some exotic place you already visited several times with your parents. Having a stable job in the area where you grew up and all your childhood friends still live is a fantasy, most of your co-workers are basically strangers and so on. All the things the world has to offer - you did most of them already and watched the rest in Cinemascope. The experiences are clichés before you even get there.

There are other factors as well of course, general lack of honest interaction with people, information overload, companies so large that you become anonymous, etc etc, but I think this is a big part of it. Simply put, there are many more rich people having to deal with becoming poorer today than it used to be. People are reaching goals lower than their expectations. This has always been depressing, so a certain percentage of people will be depressed by it, for a while.

Comment Re:containment theory... (Score 1) 1032

No totalitarian regime should ever possess nukes or any weapon of mass destruction for that matter. Totalitarian regimes take actions based on the impulses of a single person, and nukes can destroy the world. Destroying the world should be a committee decision at the very least.

Comment Re:Cause or effect? (Score 1) 438

You are right, I was unclear. Since the topic is psychopaths I had that "subcategory" of criminals in mind. I'm talking about people who kill for the sake of killing, not people who do it out of desperation.

That said, I don't think your examples are very good. Policemen don't intend to kill in the line of duty, they intend to incapacitate criminals and prevent crimes. They are aware of and may be okay with the idea that this might kill the criminal, but that is not their main intent. (If it is, they are psychos and should be dealt with as described. ;))

Similarly a person who kills in self defense does not primarily intend to kill, he intends to protect himself. The only category of people who can legally intend to kill are in the military, and even then only during war.

Comment Re:Cause or effect? (Score 1) 438

Anyone who kills another person intentionally is insane. Any rapist is also insane. In my opinion it doesn't matter. Cold-blooded murderers and rapists need special treatments, for the good of society. So for these crimes I propose:

Whether the behaviour is caused by genetics or experiences or whatever else, a society should deal with this efficiently. Remove the offenders from society, publicly and permanently, so that this becomes a social incentive for other potential criminals. Add the threat of severe punishment to the "soup" of genes, experiences and whatever else causes a behaviour. It might help.

Even if it doesn't help, the ones that already have committed the crime and proven themselves to be (voluntarily or otherwise) a threat to society are put away so they can't commit crimes again. They also can't spawn or traumatically raise more people who might also be more genetically and socially inclined to commit these types of crimes.

As an added bonus, the relatives of victims might feel some slight comfort and be able to move on in their own lives knowing that the creep that ruined their life is gone for good.

If genes makes someone a serial killer or rapist, he had a tough break in life but it should not matter in a criminal trial. If they caused him to be a kleptomaniac he will get help, but not when his disease causes physical and emotional trauma in other humans. These others have a disease as well, caused by him, so he has to go.

Comment It's all about the money (Score 1) 894

Consider this:
Governments are funding oil exploration and new oil wells, at the same time as they are increasing the tax on car fuels, adding congestion taxes and whatnot.

In other words, they are pumping more and more oil from the ground, and making sure that the sheep that voted for them are paying the maximum possible for each drop!

Why don't they help the environment for real by closing oil wells, or making it cost-prohibitive to extract it? Oil that isn't extracted can't be burnt!

Every drop of oil in the ground will be burnt, the politicians are not trying to stop it, they are just arguing about the price.

Likewise, ethanol exists as an alternative fuel only because there is money and votes to be made from it.
Using ethanol as a car fuel the way it is done today is WORSE for the environment than burning oil. But claiming otherwise sure sells a lot of new "green" cars, and you get a fine-looking reason to put extra taxes on anyone who can't afford one!

The politicians and corporations have suckered millions of people into "upgrading" their cars to monstrosities with abysmal mileage compared to other alternatives, and it has absolutely nothing to do with wanting to improve nature. I am glad that this scam is finally starting to fail.

Comment Finally! (Score 0, Flamebait) 506

Just as I thought the entire world had gone crazy, a small glimmer of hope! The genuine care for the environment that people have is being made into a religion, with a hierarchy of money grabbing priests and cardinals in every political this, tax that - level the forests, just pay the tax for it!
Somebody is actually selling the right to create carbon is so stupid I can't believe it is really happening.
Toxic waste pouring into rivers, whaling, levelling the rain forests - these are real environmental issues that have completely disappeared from the agenda because of this windmill of a problem, the huge money-circus called "global warming".
I fear that when people wake up and realise how they have been fooled, if they ever do, environmental causes will suffer for generations.

Submission + - The universe is a string-net liquid

johanwanderer writes: In March 2007, scientists may have discovered a new state of matter, leading to more fundamental understanding of the universe, that it may be a string-net liquid. An experimental solid, coined herbertsmithite contains an electron arrangement that was previously deemed imposible. It is theorized that electrons (and other more fundamental particles) are end points of strings (thus explaining entanglement) in a string-net liquid.

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