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Comment Re:And let's not forget... (Score 1) 191

Bruce Schneier had a good essay on the nuances of what "WMD" means now. From a quote in the article,

All artillery, and virtually every muzzle-loading military long arm for that matter, legally qualifies as a WMD. It does make the bombardment of Ft. Sumter all the more sinister. To say nothing of the revelation that The Star Spangled Banner is in fact an account of a WMD attack on American shores.

Comment Re:TinytinyRSS! (Score 2) 335

I second this. I set it up on my home cable modem connection and it works great. It would be even more responsive if I put it on my dirt-cheap VPS account server, I just haven't bothered since the cable modem works fine. They keep changing the Android app and adding annoying animations, but it still works *much* better than Feedly and doesn't require giving some third-party access to all of my browsing history.

Submission + - NVIDIA Releases Optimus Linux Driver With New Features (

An anonymous reader writes: Nearly one year after Linux creator Linux Torvalds publicly bashed NVIDIA and several years after their multi-GPU mobile technology premiered, the graphics vendor has finally delivered an Optimus-supported Linux driver. NVIDIA released the 319.12 Beta Linux driver that brings support for "RandR 1.4 GPU provider objects" that basically allows for Optimus-like functionality when using the latest X Server, Linux kernel, and XRandR. The 319.12 beta also has many other features including better UEFI support, installer improvements, new pages on their settings panel, and new GPU support.

Submission + - When Was Slashdot's Heyday? 5

An anonymous reader writes: In the past few years, Slashdot editors have introduced a multitude of changes to our site that have been met with mostly negative comments. Yesterday, SlashdotBI was introduced. A few weeks ago, Slashdot editors announced plans for their SlashdotTV. Slashdot's last overhaul occurred on January 25th 2011, which revamped the existing HTML and CSS code. In all of these announcements and many more, a multitude of Slashdot users have expressed concern that the site simply is not good enough as it was in the past. This concern goes back all the way to a 2000 Geeks in Space episode, where Rob "CmdrTaco" Malda asked the GIS panel: "When did Slashdot start sucking?" A lot of people reminisce about "the good old days" and how things were inherently "better" back then. My question to Slashdot users everywhere is: Is Slashdot's best years gone? When was Slashdot's heyday in terms of popularity, enjoyment, information, and intelligent discussions? How can Slashdot return back to what many users regard as their former glory?

Submission + - Phoronix has confirmation of a GNU/Linux Steam Client ( 1

nukem996 writes: After initially reporting in 2010 that Valve is work on a native GNU/Linux client one has finally been confirmed! Michael Larabel recently visited Valve's Bellvue, WA based office and has been able to see it himself. Included in the article are screenshots of the client running and speculation of a release!

Submission + - Valve's Steam & Games coming to Linux (

An anonymous reader writes: Valve's Steam and Source Engine-based games are coming to Linux. Michael from well known site has been invitied to Valve's office and was able to spend a day with the developers and Gabe Newell himself. He is confirming the rumours about Linux ports from Valve, and has been able to play the games and work the developers himself. Attached in the article are pictures from Valve's offices with games running on Linux.

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