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Comment Re:Half right (Score 1) 286

It didn't 'decide' to do anything of the kind. The Beeb has always been far from perfect, but it was compelled to do all those things by successive governments obsessed with supposed free market policies that only ended up sacrificing the creative and technical integrity of the corporation for what ended up being the enrichment of a very privileged few who were in the right place at the right time.

Comment Re:EGW (Score 1) 118

Horses may be monogastric but they have caeca, i.e. a highly developed hind-gut fermentation system. Although they don't need to and indeed cannot eructate (the main source of methane emissions in cattle), they still contribute their fair share. And don't forget decomposition products from manure. The best thing you can say about any form of agricultural methane emission is that the animals involved are on a relatively short carbon cycle - they release carbon that has only recently been fixed from the atmosphere; it's the logistics and infrastructure that goes with supporting, say, intensively produced feedlot cattle (gas for tractors and shipping, intensive feed production etc.) that is damaging.

Comment Re:Realpolitik (Score 3, Informative) 261

The ECHR to which the parent refers is not simply an international treaty obligation. The articles and protocols it creates are explicitly enshrined in British law via the 1998 Human Rights Act, an instrument which while hated by our far right parties is IMHO one of the shining achievements of recent times (though not without flaws). The draconian environment you'll undoubtedly find at UK border control is quite a different issue, but it's one that you'll find familiar the world over.

Comment Re:It's almost as though cars need winterizing (Score 1) 476

Just to back up the surprise, my experience of NZ (as a Brit) is pretty similar to yours, and having spent a fair bit of time in both countries I'd broadly validate your assumption about the similarity of Aussie and Kiwi travel habits. If nothing else, the Interislander between Wellington and Picton works pretty well, it's only 90-odd km on the water and you can pretty much get the train straight through!

Comment Re:Apple is flailing. (Score 1) 263

Dude, that's just flamebait. I'm neither a Google nor an Apple fanboy. I've had two iphones and a couple of Android devices too. Early on in the game your criticism may have had some substance but my current handset, the HTC Desire, is without a doubt the best phone I've ever had. It Just Works in the way that Apple are usually so proud of.

You can prise my Macbook Pro out of my cold dead hands but on the mobile front I'm not a lover of the iphone our-way-or-the-highway approach.

The good news is there's room for all these companies in the ecosystem. Healthy competition breeds innovation from all comers.

"The combination of modern ordnance and outdated tactics had, as ever, created enormous casualties on both sides." - seemed like an apt Banks quote (from Excession) considering the state of the mobile arms race...

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