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Submission + - Network of vehicle tracking camera in Shanghai

2Bits writes: Shanghai is building a network of street cameras to track vehicles in real time. Motion sensor detects an approaching vehicle, triggers the camera to take a snapshot, which is then uploaded to a central repository for analysis and processing. An OCR software is used to decode license plate, the information is then sent to a cluster of computers to analyse driving patterns and track vehicles in real time. I guess the same network of Big Brother is being built all over the world now.

Submission + - What would you propose as policies if you can?

2Bits writes: I got a chance to write a policies proposal to the government of a large city, to be presented during a large conference. The city is very large, with a population of 18 millions. It is in rapid development, but the government wants to plan for the next 20 years. The proposal should have a few goals:
  1. How to foster an innovative environment that can nurture entrepreneurs and startups, especially startups in high-tech with big potential of value add?
  2. How to create a city where the best talents in the world want to live in?
  3. How to build a business environment where everyone can participate, in order to avoid (or enlarge) the gap between the haves and have-nots?
  4. How to build a green and clean city?

I am as geek as most Slashdotters, with a libertarian incline. While I believe that everyone should take care of him/herself, but as someone coming from a poor family, social justice and balance are also important, and I believe that everyone should be given a chance.

The proposal might never get implemented, but if you get a chance, what would you propose? What kind of city would like to live in, if you can take part in designing it?

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