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Comment Research disagrees.. (Score 4, Informative) 469

I disagree with your assertion that you need 8 hours to get the required REM sleep.
Some people have been shown to get 3 hours sleep per day, in 30 minute regulated naps and not go insane (or die) even after 6 months.

The issue comes when your body does not know when it should be getting the sleep. If you have irregular patterns, then you will suffer. If you have a sleep pattern that is as regular as clockwork, I would suggest that to survive you body would adapt and quite happily live on 6 hours, just run the REM cycles closer together.

Sun Microsystems

Submission + - Sun Microsystems "may" have commited bribe

Afforess writes: "In a new file submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission ,Sun Microsystems admitted that "we have identified potential violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the resolution of which could possibly have a material effect on our business." The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act makes it "unlawful to make a payment to a foreign official for the purpose of obtaining or retaining business for or with, or directing business to, any person." Yet, Sun Microsystems wouldn't not release further details, only that it "took remedial action." Oracle, the new owner of Sun Microsystems also said that they had prior knowledge of the infraction, yet also refused to release any details."

Submission + - Alienware refusing customers as criminals (

ChrisPaget writes: "Thinking about buying Alienware? Think again. After buying an almost-new Alienware laptop on eBay, I've spent the last week trying to get hold of a Smart Bay caddy to connect a second hard drive (about $150 for $5 of bent metal). 4 different Alienware teams have refused to even give me a price on this accessory, instead accusing me of stealing the machine since I didn't buy it directly from them. Details here. All I have to do is persuade the seller to add me as an authorized user of *his* Alienware account — they have no concept of "ownership transfer" and instead assume that if you're not in their system, you must be a thief."

Comment Re:WoW is NOT casual gamer friendly! (Score 1) 438

Wait, casual gaming is not measured on a bell curve (according to you), but IS measured on a time scale (according to you)? I think the bell curve would be more accurate than your completely arbitrary 10 hour cut-off! I play wow for 9 hours and 50 minutes a week--I'm casual. My wife plays 11 hours--she's hardcore? I don't buy it. The content of the game, not how much time you spend playing it, is what makes a game "casual" or not.

Ok, last reply.
I REALLY wish you would just make one statement and not mash two together. It is the kind of thing that politicians do.
"I will bring fresh water to the people! I only need to club a few baby seals to get it"
Vaguely related, the second statement is designed to have you follow your initial train of thought into it so you don't consider the second statement for its individual merits.
(getting water is good, so clubbing seals must be ok?)
In respond to your first statement, yes I invented an arbitrary amount of hours after which I feel you are NOT casual. You think that a bell curve would work better. You DO realize that that means you are agreeing with me, right? Arbitrary measurement? You might also want to ready the bit about commitment.
Are you or your (alleged) wife committed to the game or not? If either of you are, then you are NOT casual gamers.
If you are NOT committed, then you would need to look at another indicator.

The content of the game, not how much time you spend playing it, is what makes a game "casual" or not.

Yet another "what the?" moment.
If you can read that now and it makes sense to you, please lay off the 'dew and get some sunlight.

Comment Re:WoW is NOT casual gamer friendly! (Score 1) 438

What you call "grinding" some people may still find to be some fun. It may not be their favorite part of the game, but they get enough enjoyment out of it to not mind it that much. They'll eventually get enough gold or xp or whatever to go do something else, but they aren't in a hurry and they get at least some enjoyment out of "the grind". Frankly, they probably aren't even aware that they are "grinding".

If they are doing something they enjoy, then they are not grinding. Grinding is something committed (not casual) players do, so I guess that is another way to define a casual player.

Comment Re:WoW is NOT casual gamer friendly! (Score 1) 438

Again, I don't understand, you say to play the game, yet you advocate grinding?

Have you actually played WoW? His point was that you don't have to grind. You can easily get from 1 to 80 and get all of the equipment you need just by doing quests. The only thing in the game that requires any amount of grinding to get is the Artisan Flying skill, which isn't available until 70 and isn't something that even most hardcore players bother with until they're 77 or so (all it does is make you fly faster).

You are indeed correct. On re-reading he wasn't advocating grinding and does fulfill what I would call a casual player as long as time spent in the game is not a commitment, but as enjoyment.

I stand corrected.

Comment Re:WoW is NOT casual gamer friendly! (Score 2, Insightful) 438

You say it simply isn't possible, but I've done it, so apparently it is.

I didn't say 20 must be casual because it is not 80. However, you haven't given any criteria that says why anything more than 10 hours is hardcore.

I am pretty sure I said more than 10 hours is not casual. Hardcore is yet another category.
Try to not link two unassociated issues together.

I'm just pointing out that what people consider "hardcore" for a WoW player wouldn't have been considered even a raider in EQ, let alone a hardcore player, not even close. *THAT* makes WoW a lot more casual friendly than the older, more hardcore oriented MMOs like EQ.

What is consider "hardcore" (even though we are talking about casual) in one game makes no difference to another game. If you fit the criteria for "not casual", you fit the criteria, no matter what game you play.

You seem to have confused a casual WoW player with a casual gamer. They aren't the same thing. You apparently aren't a hardcore gamer. That's fine, it isn't for everyone. However, as a hardcore gamer, I can definately say that WoW is a good example of how games have moved away from the hardcore gamers and become more casual gamer friendly.

Is WoW not a game???
What the hell are you talking about?
How can a casual WoW player NOT be a casual gamer?
What other game (if you want the best gear) FORCES you to spend MONTHS raiding 3 nights a week to get the best gear? How is that casual friendly??

Also "you have maxed out pretty much anything, you are not casual" isn't logical either because it makes the assumption that maxing out everything in a game by definition makes you a hardcore gamer.

See what you did there? You took a statement about WoW and assumed I was talking about other games. I wasn't. You then go to use that false assumption to make a point that has zero relevance to anything.
Ask any player of WoW if they have the best gear without raiding 3 nights a week and they will laugh at you. Therefore IN WoW, you must be more than casual, you MUST have made a commitment to raiding therefore NOT CASUAL!

So considering that if you play tic-tac-toe, on offense if you start with the middle square, there are really only like 4 different unique type ways the game can progress, and on defense, there is only 3. So using your definition of a hardcore gamer,

You mean the one YOU just made up

if I play 7 games of tic-tac-toe, I am now a hardcore gamer, because I have done it all. Doing everything in a game designed to be casual does not make you a hardcore gamer, sorry.

Sigh. Again... No, I mean if you play tic-tac-toe for 10 hours or more, you are not playing casually?

And yes, being a casual player is measured on a bell curve. Casual = average. Hardcore = top few percent.

Wrong again. A hardcore gamer is defined by their actions, as is a casual player NOT on their relative place in society.
Lets say you and your mates create a game, which you all play 50 hours a week, so every single player is a hard-core player. No bell curve needed.
Are addicts defined by a bell curve? So if half the addicts die, then Bob who uses once a month, moves up the bell curve and becomes an addict?

From the dictionary definition of hardcore: "the most dedicated, unfailingly loyal faction of a group or organization". The most dedicated. It doesn't say the people who are more than x. It's the *MOST* dedicated, meaning the top end of the scale. You will find the amount of time people play MMOs in hours per week follows a bell curve, so yes, it definately does get measured on a bell curve. Just not your idea of what is more than x, where x is a lot for YOU. Because YOU apparently aren't near the top of the curve.

Prove they fit a bell curve.
Where I am is totally irrelevant, if I spent more than 10 hours a week, that would make me... not casual perhaps?

If you commit to a game, then you are not casual. Talk all you like, it all comes back to commitment, you made it, you are not casual.

Comment Re:WoW is NOT casual gamer friendly! (Score 4, Insightful) 438

You say you play casually and had the best gear and almost the best rep. This is simply not possible for a casual player.

Saying 20 must be casual because it is not 80 hours, is not a logical statement.

"I only have 5 cars, I am not a collector, some guys have 20 cars!"
"I only murdered 3 guys, most serial killers murder 10 or more!"

Being a casual player is not measured on a bell curve.

If you got that far in WoW you simply are NOT a casual player. Why do WoW players feel the need to justify their playing habits? You play more than 10 hours, you are not casual, you have maxed out pretty much anything, you are not casual!

Reality is out there!

Comment Re:WoW is NOT casual gamer friendly! (Score 1) 438

You need gold? Go mine some ore. If you're past 70, go hack some mobs or do some quests. Yes, you can't afford that whateveritiscalled riding and a flock of top flying beasts, but hey, CASUAL. Ok? You don't give a fuck about some lame "achivement" that only proves you spent more time in the game than jacking off and sleeping combined.

If you don't care about achievements, why are you mining for gold and not playing content you have not seen before?

You play the game.

You don't work for it.

Again, I don't understand, you say to play the game, yet you advocate grinding?

Comment Re:WoW is NOT casual gamer friendly! (Score 5, Insightful) 438

The issue is not that you HAVE to buy gold. You don't. You are correct that dailies can get you a heap of cash, quickly.

Casual players do not play dailies that often. Why? Because they want to play stuff they haven't seen or done and dailies=grinding. I bought gold simply because I wanted to get a full frostweave set and worked out it would take me two months of playing at my normal rate to gather the materials. (then they nerfed it!)

So I simply bought gold to quarter the time. I used the rest of my time to play the game and not grind. I buy gold to play content, not save up for it.
(gold is about $13US for 1000, so I consider working for one hour a better proposition than grinding for 20)

I always accepted that I would be behind hardcore players in skill and in equipment.

To get back to my point, what you are demonstrating is commitment to the game.
If you grind for cash, you are not casual.
If you consistently play over years (or even months) in arenas, you are not casual.

Time is one indicator, commitment is another. You may be borderline in time spent, but your commitment makes you not casual.

You are NOT a casual player. I am not judging if that is a good or bad thing, perhaps it is better than going to bars and picking up diseases? It still doesn't change the fact that you are NOT a casual player.

Comment Re:WoW is NOT casual gamer friendly! (Score 5, Insightful) 438

20 hours a week is not casual gaming.
20 hours is two 5 hour sessions on the week-end and 3, 3 hours raiding sessions.
(you make up the extra hour logging on every day to check and relist stuff in the AH. Sorry, Auction house...)
Not casual.

Pulling out the Wii fit and having a bash once a week is casual.

You CAN be a casual gamer and spend 20 hours a week, you just need to put that new title down after you finish it and not have a need for another one immediately after.

Comment WoW is NOT casual gamer friendly! (Score 4, Insightful) 438

How many times does it need to be said?

Show me that stats that say their main player base comes and goes on a monthly basis.

Show me a casual gamer who DOESN'T buy gold.

World of Warcrack IS a great game, I have spent more than the usual $100 for the game itself. Perhaps that is what the article means? It is likely to bring back people who have not played for a while? Suck them in for a few months, then spit them back out into their normal lives, free from addiction?

Repeat after me : WoW is NOT casual gamer friendly!

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