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Wireless Networking

Submission + - New WIFI Sharing Technology Developed

Iddo Genuth writes: "The German company Cuculus released the first details on its upcoming WIFI sharing technology. The company developed a software which splits a single wireless network (found on many homes these days) into two completely separated ones. After installing the software the user will maintain his private secured connection but add a second public network (a sort of personal hotspot)."
United States

Submission + - Dell Sneaking Keyloggers into their Laptops?

James Allanson writes: "Immagine that the government was listening in to your phone calls — you've heard about them bugging terrorists, but surely they wouldn't bother with you right? Wrong. This article (although old) shows that dell have been shipping laptops with keyloggers built in. Dell claim that "The intregrated service tag identifier is there for assisting customers in the event of lost or misplaced personal information." However the Department of Homeland Security says that information about the circuit is "... exempt from being disclosed under the FOIA [Freedom of Information Act]." Very fishy."

Feed No PS3s for British prisoners (

Blog: ITV is reporting that the U.K.'s Home Secretary, John Reid, has made the shocking and momentous decision to ban Sony's PlayStation...

Submission + - What to do with a spammer's phone number

dyob writes: "I posted an advertisement in a local paper and received the email copied below. It includes contact information. I figure I'll phone them and tell them what I think of their spam. It's unlikely they'll change their behaviour. I'm sure the /. community is full of creative ideas on what to do to this company. Please share them. Here is the email:

Are you earning as much money as you'd like?
Would you like to earn a Six Digit Income? Know someone else who would?
Would you like to learn more?

Please Call Lorraine for a Corporate Overview
                          (604)534-3767 home, leave a message if no answer
                          (778)241-6140 cell, after 3pm

We also meet for a Corporate Overview on Tuesday evenings 7pm at our
Coquitlam Office near Hwy1

Thank You"
The Courts

Submission + - Kaleidescape Wins CSS Lawsuit Against the DVD-CCA

Timoteo47 writes: Kaleidescape ( has won the lawsuit brought against them by the DVD-CCA. Kaleidscape manufactures a DVD jukebox system that allows consumers to copy their DVDs to a hard drive, automatically catalog the DVD and play them back anytime. Kaleidescape was sued by the DVD-CCA, the organization that licenses CSS. The lawsuit went to trial last week and today the judge ruled that Kaliedescape "has been found 'in full compliance' with the DVD Copy Control Association's (DVD CCA) license to the Content Scramble System (CSS)." TWICE ( has the story on the lawsuit and Kaleidescape's victory. Congratulations to Mike Malcom and Kaleidescape!
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Student Suspended for Pastafarian Practices

Greyfox writes: "According to the metro news, a student in North Carolina has been suspended for his religious beliefs. Those beliefs? That global warming is caused by the decline in the number of pirates and therefore followers of the religion should wear full 'full pirate regalia' to combat global warming. The school insists that the student's suspension had 'nothing to do with religion and everything to do with his refusal to heed warnings about wearing pirate costumes to school.' But isn't that like saying that suspending a student for praying at lunch had nothing to do with religion and everything to do with praying at lunch?

I'm sure this is just another case of the Administration attempting to suppress global warming-related speech!"

Death of the Button? Analog vs. Digital 329

mattnyc99 writes "Instapundit's Glenn Reynolds is sick of navigating menus to turn up the heat—while he's trying to drive. His take in the article (as well as a a no-holds-barred podcast) is that modern tech product designers should get back to analog controls before iPhone users get sick of looking down at their touchscreen everytime they dial without a dial. It may be up to you: Whither dangerous auto technology, or long live the touchscreen?"

Submission + - MediaDepot lets companies create their own YouTube

Sander writes: "Finally, companies and broadcasters are able to create their own media portal. Upload your media, and it's converted to the desired format(s) (flash 7, flash 8, iPod, etc.) in the desired quality. This service isn't free, but finally you can get rid of the annoying logo's etc. And, you don't have yo copy/paste embeds; that's handled automatically. There is an API you can use for integration into your website.
To be found at:"
United States

Submission + - Wildlife Deputy Changed Science for Lobbyists

fistfullast33l writes: "In yet another case of a Bush-appointed official creating their own interpretation of science, TPM Muckraker reports on Julie MacDonald, deputy assistant secretary for fish and wildlife and parks in the Department of the Interior in Washington. The Department's Inspector General issued a report today documenting evidence that MacDonald not only overrode opinions of department scientists to benefit lobbyists, political interests, and her own insanity, but also that she shared internal documents with said lobbyists and a friend in an unnamed online roleplaying game. My favorite episode:

At one point, according to Fish and Wildlife Service Director H. Dale Hall, MacDonald tangled with field personnel over designating habitat for the endangered Southwestern willow flycatcher, a bird whose range is from Arizona to New Mexico and Southern California. When scientists wrote that the bird had a "nesting range" of 2.1 miles, MacDonald told field personnel to change the number to 1.8 miles. Hall, a wildlife biologist who told the IG he had had a "running battle" with MacDonald, said she did not want the range to extend to California because her husband had a family ranch there.
Apparently, MacDonald is a civil engineer and has no formal natural sciences training."

Firefox 3.0 Preview 269

Brian Heater passed us a link to a PC World preview of the upcoming Firefox 3.0 release. In addition to the usual smoother UI, bug fixes, and feature updates, Firefox 3.0 will introduce several new components that should expand offline Web application functionality. The inclusion of DOM Storage, an offline execution model, and synchronization should all work together to allow for wider adoption of software like Google Apps at the end-user level. "As the breadth and depth of the competing applications expand, perhaps Microsoft's 90-percent stranglehold on the preinstalled and post-PC-purchase installation suite market will loosen, if only a bit. Then, too, if Windows Vista is any indication of what lies ahead, the company's software will continue to require ever more awe-inspiring hardware--a far cry from the light and nimble Web-based applications Mozilla engineers envision." The piece covers more than just the new functionality, of course, and should be of interest to anyone looking forward to 'Gran Paradiso.'

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