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Comment Re:Who to blame? (Score 1) 238

I'm no authority but I can think of a few things that might affect it.

1) our workers aren't as good as they used to be, or maybe it's better to say they aren't as effective. There's no need for new hardware because software is becoming too simple in areas, and not pushing the limits fast enough in others. As an end user, the adobe line of products took a huge step backwards when they switched to their online versions of their software. Features that used to work fine, no longer worked. Things you really need to to your job (preview in after effects for example) removed because... "it's hard". Or, "the system doesn't work that way anymore." I'm watching Autodesk stagnate on a level I didn't think possible, charging big bucks for the same old tired shit. No decent new features, all wax and detailing. Game companies used to make things specifically for the PC which really pushed the need for a new graphics card or a new processor, but now it's all watered down to the mass production specs of the crappier console the game is also supported for. Skyrim (as fun as it was a times) was an ugly piece of shit compared to other games at the time, and it's not a surprise why. It was made to be console compatible.

2) The money is in small one offs and mass compatibility, not in huge boundry pushing projects anymore. No huge projects, no need for processing power. (And given the crazy hours I've worked in my life in computer based fields, they had this shit coming. I'm not surprised people want to be able to work from a tablet and say fuck it.) It's not just computer hardware though, look at tvs. Who has a 4k tv? And if they do, who is making shows for it?

I don't know, things feels way out of whack since I was a kid.

Comment Way around it (Score 1) 581

I did a search off the link in the article for the exact KB number for the update.

It's KB 3035583

This is actually old news, this has been in recommended updates for a little while now. It only shows up if you have your network type set to "home" instead of "work" or whatever the 3rd one is.

So, change your network type to 'work' and you're good.

Comment Re:Software companies can be extremely abusive. (Score 1) 274

Man what FUD. First of all photoshop isn't a browser app, it's 'on your computer'.

It's *hugely* cheaper to do things their new way. Before upgrading the creative suite every year cost between $1300 and $1800, and to boot you didn't get everything.

Now it's (for individuals) $600 a year, and you get literally everything they offer.

It phones home once a month, that's it. Adobe's new pricing and licensing scheme is nothing but cheaper and better for everyone, unless you don't have internet or you're running lots of pirated plugins. (Which is probably the real reason you and many like you are upset.)

And if you think the NSA couldn't access your computer before Adobe, you're just... well..denying reality. Your user ID number would suggest some years on you, but your tone and arguments suggest otherwise. Confusing as shit.

Comment Re:The perfect is the enemy of the good. (Score 4, Informative) 331

We've been doing some augmented reality games at the studio where I work lately. We build what we need in maya/max and move it to Unity for the build. With iOS, it's about a 10 minute ordeal to build and test it and use Testflight to send it around the office very quickly.

It was so easy that we decided to give it a shot for Android, I mean... it's like doubling your market right? Well... no. First most of the droid phones need special drivers, and they aren't easy to find. Then you have to build based on which version of the droidOS you are using, which on some phones is a pain to get because they don't list it outright. (Confusion between firmware vs. os version, etc. Keep in mind we are game devs not programmers.)

Googleusb doesn't always work properly, we spend hours if not days trying to get a build to work properly on various phones. It's a fucking ordeal let me tell you. We dropped Android support for the project and all future projects as a result. Not worth the time and effort until there is a more unifying experience between them. The cost was X to do iphone development, it's X*15 for droid.

Now this is just one very small segment and one that is not like the environments used by the more elite programmers that visit this site. But if a studio of 20 people who already have it working properly in iOS cannot get it working right on Droid, well.... forget droid.

Our version of perfection is "working without days of hassle to get the right drivers, firmware, etc for *each* phone we want to test it on." If that is who you are decrying, well...

As an artist, it DOES have to be perfect. Sorry you feel differently, but that's the reality. It's programmers like yourself who feel that it *doesn't* have to be perfect that make developing for Droid such a giant pain in the ass for us little guys.

I don't love Apple, but fuck if I want to spend any more late nights and weekends trying to get droid phones to work properly.

Comment Re:Genius judge (Score 1) 540

Well presumably you'd pay the interns near minimum wage. Now if you are already paying your regular employees jack shit, then you're right, there's no point. If you're paying your regular employees jack shit, you probably don't have much you could teach an intern of any value so...

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