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Submission + - 12 year old schools hackers on lock picking

23orgFlea writes: Last weekend the http://layerone.info/ security convention was held in Pasadena, CA. The Gringo Warrior Challenge made it's home there for a couple of days and let a bunch of geeks and hackers try to break out of a simulated Mexican prison.

The goal was to break out in 5 steps:

1. get out of handcuffs
2. open 'cell' door
3. overpower guard
4. break into filing cabinet to retrieve passport
5. break out of prison

For each choice except numbers 1 and 3 there was an easy, medium and hard choice. Locks had difficulty modifiers and it was a timed event.

Every single guy there, many who own their own handcuffs and practice all the time, were schooled by a 12 year old girl named Ella. Sadly I don't have her best run on video, which was 1m42s. This is her slow run, at about 5m

Btw, Ella chose all hard locks in her runs.

Comment Very good phone phreak lore.. (Score 1) 431

Back in 1971, Esquire magazine published an article called, "Secrets of the Little Blue Box." It's a bit lengthy but it's a very good text on this culture. Because the 'underground' (for lack of a better name) is now a very solidly rooted subculture, I think it's important for people to learn where the people before them came from. Read this!! http://www.brainmist.com/phone/blue_box.htm

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