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Comment Mercury hazard: Keep CFLs out of your trash (Score 1) 1137

Each CFL contains a small amount of mercury. According to the EPA reference below, 4mg per tube. Increasing numbers of spent CFLs going to incinerators and landfills put mercury back into the environment. While these lamps are still an overall environmental benefit in areas where electricity is generated from coal (which poisons the environment with lots of mercury), it is a net pollutant when the energy is coming from cleaner sources.

The important thing to remember is that CFLs need to be disposed of properly. Here are some links to help you out before you discard your next CFL:

Utilities (Apple)

Journal Journal: .mac syncing ... sunk?

Over two full days, and Apple's .mac online synchronization is still down. Calendars, contacts, keychains and ... bookmarks are all growing more out-of-sync by the hour, no word from Apple of what the problem is or an ETA for getting it fixed, and the natives are becoming restless:

User Journal

Journal Journal: Who's Who in IBM's "Prodigy" Ad Campaign for Linux/OSS

IBM's web site for their "Prodigy" ad campaign for Linux/OSS includes a copy of the transcript of the television commercial. From the transcript, you'll see they've got a great bunch of cameos. Here's a who's who of the people named in the transcript. Let me know if you can identify the people behind other characters, and whether they're real or actors.

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