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Comment Firefox is a niche browser with niche search engin (Score 0) 400

My default browser is firefox and sometimes i use chrome and rarely i use opera. Firefox is slower and buggier than chrome, it memory leaks, flash is buggy and crashes and slower, clearly inferior to chrome, search is slower. The only reason i stay with firefox is all my crap is on there, it doesnt log every piece of data as far as im aware like chrome does. I also have used all the browsers on android and firefox is fine for me on it. I use an ipad and use only safari, its pretty decent, i wouldnt install chrome on it despite safari not allowing you to block googles ads outside of chrome. This is mostly because chrome tracks everything, and i think there should be competition. However yahoo jumping over to firefox instead of google search is backwards for firefox. Firefox wants more users, not less, and its just another reason for average user not to use firefox. Not everyone wants to piss around in the settings to change it. Its a huge fail. Firefox needs to add google chrome style predictive search bar, speed up their flash/html5 if possible, and they would be getting closer to being level with chrome, and of course not using yahoo search.

Comment Proof.... (Score 0) 429

I dont think it would be easy to ever prove that there was once nothing. I dont see how it could be proved. To me i doubt it could be verifiable. Maybe the ability to create matter then being able to reverse time on it could show a state of nothing, although then it could be a case of simply matter not being there, not nothing being there. At the moment my opinion is nothing doesnt exist and never existed.

Comment Clocks (Score 0) 613

Russia switched to permanent DST for a few years but then recently decided to switch back to changing their clocks, why i dont know. Anyway some of the stupidity in this thread is mindblowing. Whatever time zone you're in I say just abolish standard time, stay on savings time and call it a day.

Comment No privacy (Score 0) 328

If any criminal is running around with iphone or android then they have to take the consequences. If youre just average guy who gets caught up in shit, i'd say destroy your phone, buy a new one before cops move in. Most career criminals are smart enough to run around with cheap disposable phones anyway. The way things are going i might contemplate an offline, encrypted computer just for all my photos, videos , everything i don't want on a cloud or stored on my phone. The whole "store everything in the cloud, in your phone" is getting out of hand.

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