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Comment Re:Great (Score 3, Interesting) 291

Here in the UK, the standard is for all phones to be supplied network-locked (unless you buy a SIM-free handset from a non-mainstream supplier). I believe that retailers are obliged to provide a non-locked handset if you specifically ask for one, but they typically get around that by not having them in stock - they rely on the facts that most people a) don't know they can get an non-locked device if they ask for it, or b) don't want to wait for a non-locked device to come into stock.

Comment PS3 *CAN* be used as a DVR (Score 4, Informative) 170

From TFA:

just about the only thing you can't do with a PS3 is use it as a DVR.

This might be true in the US, but in other regions the PlayTV hardware add-on enables you to do exactly that. PlayTV allows you to watch live free-to-air TV and HDTV through the PS3, and record those programs to the PS3's hard drive. I bought the PlayTV add-on (I'm in the UK) as it was cheaper than buying a standalone DVR for free-to-air broadcasts, and have found it to be easier to use and far more reliable than the standalone alternatives available here

Comment Re:Movies (Score 1) 438

That just means when you arrive at the theater, and the owner refuses you entrace, you can yell, "Congratulations dumb shit. You just lost $20 worth of sales," and walk away.

Businessmen hate losing money.

I think you'd be hard pushed to find too many cinemas in the UK where the owner is actually on site when you show up to watch a film - they're nearly all owned by the big chains these days unfortunately. Also, we pay for things in Pounds Sterling in the UK.... for the time being, at least.

Comment Re:O2 just started doing this in the UK (Score 1) 34

This appears to be nothing like the Nokia service from TFA. All this is is a pre-pay credit card (of which there have been many available in the UK for a while now), which is only available to O2 customers and has the added function that they send you a text message when your balance changes. It does not let you pay for your stuff with your mobile, and it does not let you top it up using your mobile phone (although you can top it up at O2 shops and mobile phone 'Pay Points').

Comment Full file system encryption already easy (Score 1) 500

The same objection also applies to many other non-solutions to the problem, like using a Linux distro that encrypts your entire file system. Even assuming this would be within the technical means of the average person who wanted to do encryption, it's still going to look suspicious as long as the vast majority of people are not doing it

It's already within the means of the average person who wants to 'do encryption' - as part of the (very simple) install process for Ubuntu 9.04 it asks you if you want to install full file system encryption or not.

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