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Comment Re:of course (Score 1) 251

Until he gets his cock out which, thankfully, is spared radio listeners.

Except when his Virgin Radio breakfast show used to be recorded by in-studio cameras and shown late at night on Sky One (a TV channel here in the U.K.) where he once stood up, dropped trousers/underwear, and shook his cock a couple of feet away from Holly Samos' face (one of his (then) acolytes, who would laugh at anything he did for the paycheck). "Funniest thing in the world to do" apparently...


Submission + - Microsoft Signs Deal With Linspire (efytimes.com)

arnieswap writes: "Through this deal, Micrsoft has once again sent the message that GNU/Linux infringes upon its patents, and if you want to stay away from any legal troubles, sign deal with Microsoft. The software giant recently made a statement that GNU/Linux infringes upon 235 of its patents. Through the agreement, Microsoft and Linspire have developed a framework to provide patent covenants for Linspire customers."

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