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Comment Maybe at some point editors will read articles (Score 1) 360

He said Google+ *GAMES* have tiny market share compared to Facebook ones, and their taking only 5% from developers compares with 30% for Facebook may be either the cause or the effect of this. Not Google+ as a social platform. The headline makes him sound like a retard, and the editors as illiterate.

Comment Re:Let's hope that 15%... (Score 1) 350

One of their graphs is labeled "Performance increases with more tweets from target user", showing that at 32 tweets, their accuracy is > 90%. However this is including things like screen name, profile descriptions and full name. Using only tweets they are at 76% even with many tweets, so yeah quality *is* bettwe but not by much. They also say that only 5% of humans performed better than the machine with many tweets.

Comment Canada anyone? (Score 1) 150

Any idea if a similar service will be offered by Walmart Canada? While Netflix in Canada is currently priced at about half of the US price ($7.99 pm), the spectrum of movies and shows is pretty pathetic. I'd happily shell out $16 pm for what you guys in the U.S get. Of course I still subscribe in-spite of the crappy selection, since the documentaries are alright, and $8 pm = a few coffees!

Comment Misleading summary (Score 5, Insightful) 202

Does anyone here even read the summary together with the article itself and see if it makes sense? He did *not* say "do dumb things". That statement implies that you know its a dumb thing to do and it will not work, yet you do it anyway. In this case you *are* dumb and should be fired. He said "don't be afraid to do dumb things", which has a totally different meaning. It means that you should try approaches that may be non-obvious, but at least you are attempting to solve whatever the problem at hand is in an ingenious way. Sometimes it does not work and you look foolish, but you often get innovative solutions to tough problems.

Comment Whats the inspiration..? (Score 2) 340

What's the inspiration for choosing short, simple passwords? They are short and simple, so you don't forget them. Similar reason to using the same password for a variety of different purposes. For bank accounts, use the strongest possible password, and don't write it on a sticky note. For Facebook, use "asdf1234" and don't put *any* important information on there.

Comment Fact first, opinion later (Score 1) 310

The title should be fact, the submitters totally worthless opinion should come later. "Apple's patent is too broad" implies that the patent was *not* granted because it was too broad. The title should have been "Apple granted multitouch patent" or some such, the opinions are pointless in the title. FYI /. editors.

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