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Journal Journal: 10 years later

and here we are. CPUs got fasters, GPU's became affordable, disks got bigger, liquid cooled on the desk, and we now have 8 core 64bit computers we carry around in our pockets.

Not so revolutionary but interesting evolutionary.

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Journal Journal: mach4 + lites

Super cool I just got it booting with qemu snapshot 2005-03-16_23 on windows xp.. its slow as hell.. but Im going to update the base & see how it is....

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Journal Journal: b0red

Hey, what is the deal with Openstep on virtual software?! Nextstep 3.3 run on Virtual pc with no issues, you need a serial mouse for it on vmware (and vmware costs 4x the price of vpc, so guess which one I bought),but Openstep crashes on both. Qemu gets further, but it doesnt detect the mouse....

Dammit so close! but Im stuck with 2gig partitions under Nextstep.

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