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Comment Re: OS/2 (Score 1) 211

The kernel was fundamentaly 16 bit, hence the 16 bit asm device drivers.

Microsoft wanted windows api on os/2, but I'm sad no. Not surprisingly since ms was 100% in control of os/2 nt, they switched the primary api to a 32 bit windows api.

Now that the OS/2 betas of football have shown up, Ms had mvdm working on an os/2 1.0 prerelease in 1987!!

I used to think it was ms who screwed up os/2, but it's pretty clear that Ms could have delivered a killer 32bit os in the late 80s!

IBM never got the kernel out of 16bit space

Comment Re: OS\2 Warp: Boxed Copy (Score 1) 211

Get ready to fight cache settings and you'll need a sub 8gb disk, preferably sub 2gb disk.

The ide cd detection is a joke. Also have MS-DOS with edit handy to go in and fix config.sys... and make os/2 boot disks backups so you can run chkdsk, since os/2 can easily get itself into a scenario where it can't repair itself.

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