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Comment Why you should like clouds... (Score 3, Interesting) 396

Say you are a programmer. You have some spare time. You have loads of talent. You want to write a great little addictive game that supports multiplayer. Maybe make a little money.

You are smart enough to want to build in automatic updates, user account verification, user skins, multiplayer server lists and so on. Your little home PC doesn't have the bandwidth, the up-time, nor the horse power to pull it off.

You can go to the cloud. They have bandwidth, storage space, up-time. Pay some money, get your VM on the cloud. You write your cloud "user admin" server. Write that fun little game. Sell over a million. Just don't use the name "notch", it's taken.


Submission + - How do you like your Sci-Fi movies?

0x4a6f6e43 writes: 1) Rated G. I prefer it cute and cuddly.
2) Rated PG. Cute is nice but throw in some gun action, a little toilet humor, and a hot chick in a tight shirt.
3) Rated PG-13. Get a few salty words, some serious explosions, some serious hot chicks, but no gore and sex, my mom/wife/kids might watch it too!
4) Rated R. I gotta have major explosions, guts, brains, and body parts everywhere, loads of cussing, and a nice naked chick or two.
5) Rated NC17. Sci-Fi is best served raw, bloody, and naked!

Comment Re:I have an early OLPC and Sugar sucks (Score 1) 268

Sugar sucks big time. My kids hate it, my wife hates it, I hate it. I spent the first year trying to get used to it. No dice. It sucks. Slow, totally non-intuitive, buggy. Nuked it and put Ubuntu on it. No problems now. It gets a few hours of use every day. The OLPC has a lot of problems: too slow by a factor of 2, too power hungry by a factor of 2, too costly by a factor of 2. Early units have bad keyboards and bad touch pads. Put sugar on it and it makes me puke.

Comment I saw this on TV! (Score 1) 461

Come on Slashdot, get your conspiracy theories going!

You cut the fiber at point A so you can install a tap down the line and nobody will know.

This isn't some terrorist plot. This is a Government plot to install data taps in California at the cross-roads of the internet. Check the building next to the manhole - I bet it has 10 floors but the elevator only shows nine floors...

Comment Cables! (Score 1) 524

[Let's see, I read slashdot and I design cable testers - this looks like a chance to pretend I'm smart]

>Does the cable need replacing?

Cables are made of wires, insulation, and connectors. Generally the wire and insulation have a very long lifetime. Even the insulation used in cheap Cat-whatever cables will probably outlast you.

The lifetime drops a lot if the cable gets flexed, rubbed, exposed to heat, UV, or moisture. Under those cases the wire and insulation can fail fairly quickly (think months to a few years).

Under normal use in a good environment the key failure point is where the wire meets the connector. Those mod-jack connectors rely on insulation displacement to make the contact. They can fail fast in bad environments (hot, wet, high vibration).

Still, it's not common for general maintenance to change the cables. It's more common to replace them as they give you trouble.

>Do CAT 5(e) cables get old?

Sure, but they tend to keep working.

Comment Re:I have an XO (Score 1) 379

I also have an XO. I use it EVERY DAY and have for the last year. There is a lot more wrong with it than most people know. Still, I like it and use it. Its major problems are: 1) Cost twice as much as promised. 2) Runs half as fast as I'd like. 3) Has half the battery life promised. 4) Uses Sugar - it's just too weird - even my kids hate it. So, I spent $25 for an 8 Gig SD card, blew away Fedora and put Ubuntu on the OLPC. It's much more usable now. OLPC needs to dump Sugar, embrace Ubuntu, and modernize the hardware to 2x the clock and 4x the battery capacity. That would give them a chance.

Submission + - OLPCs ship. What are your first impressions?

0x4a6f6e43 writes: "The G1G1 program starting shipping the first XO laptops about 2 weeks ago. It's always fun to watch the birth of a new community. The first impressions from adults, 9 year olds, 12 year olds, and my wife clearly indicate: it's tiny, a bit slow, made for kids, and most of all it's cute. Users are already ditching the default browser for Opera for OLPC and the Adobe Flash Player for OLPC, bringing all those internet games to the XO. The only downsides from the various forums, is straining under the load of olpc users, people really don't understand their home wi-fi set up (WEP ascii passwords, hex passwords, ahhhh), and the XO's networking is a bit too advanced for user's home networks. People are discovering they need to update their DSL modem firmware because of the DNS "" bug in older revs of linux based DSL modems. So what's your first impressions of the Tiny Green Machine?"

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