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Comment Re:In answer to your question... (Score 1) 23

I've been saying "party like it's 1992" for some time now.
But the play was so obvious that JEB couldn't bring the Bush role.
Also, if Trump doesn't win both Ohio & Florida, the GOPe could potentially thwart Stubby Digits.
But I'm getting really, really tired of dick jokes where a Presidential debate was supposed to be.
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Journal Journal: Couldn't help but think of d_r 23

Nick Gillespie at Reason thoroughly denounces the GOP in passing, while hammering Romney's anti-Trump screed of Thursday. This is pretty much everything damn_registrars has been saying for the last couple of years. Credit where due.
OK, the GOP sucks. Trump proves it. Now, can we just get on with the crash, so that we can begin rebuilding along less Progressive lines?

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