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Comment Re:Virtualize? (Score 1) 406

Is it really that common for the software to need such specific voltages and timing? How would you get to those values from software running on a PC?

I ask because I just got done implementing some very old vending hardware (some 1200 baud, some 9600 baud serial) and although they were ancient and badly documented, none really needed anything I'd call exotic.

Comment Re:Not a Jailbreak (Score 1) 178

As I understand, this crack allows legacy x86 code to be recompiled and run on ARM devices. Such as un-crippled Office, other legacy apps by 3rd parties.

Why would MS want you to run an un-crippled Office on Windows RT when they could sell you a new version that's been "optimized" for RT? It might be great for end users but unfortunately, "good for end users" isn't necessarily profitable.

Note that when I say licensees, I don't mean end users. No one cares about those guys after the initial sale. When I say licensees, I mean system OEMs, who are much more valuable to MS.

Comment Re:Not a Jailbreak (Score 1) 178

No. I have seen MS for about decades now; they seen to think "If you're gonna pirate s/w; then pirate our s/w, or code that runs on Windows; don't take the trouble to learn other OSes or products".

Except that this isn't about piracy; it's about control. MS, and probably Windows RT licensees won't be happy with losing control over what can be run on that OS.

Comment Re:Redmine (Score 1) 221

I also use Redmine, both at home and work. I switched to it from Trac a few years ago when I needed time tracking features and have never felt the need to look for another alternative.

I'm actually not a fan of the Ruby / Rails platform as Redmine required specific versions of gems, etc. and it could be a pain to set up. However, the most recent versions use Bundler, it's MUCH easier to set up and maintain.

Social Networks

Submission + - PhoneDog hits back over @NoahKravitz Twitter owner (

richi writes: "Remember the recent hoo-hah about an employer that asked its departing employee to give it back "his" Twitter account? Here's the ex-employee's side of the story and the employer's response, which raises more questions than it answers.

As you may recall, the employer," PhoneDog Media (PDM)," wants its ex-employee, Noah Kravitz," to hand over the password to his Twitter account, and pay damages of $2.50 per month for each of its 17,000 followers. The eight months between the end of the employment and the lawsuit make a total of $340,000. Yes, three hundred and forty thousand dollars."

Comment Maybe it's a cryptographic signature (Score 1) 373

Has anyone considered this? Maybe this list of requirements is taken from a much larger list and different for every contract. Which requirements are chosen could basically be a generated signature so he could track if someone broke an NDA about his contract. I mean, it seems logical enough, given who we're talking about here.

Comment Re:Not digital like you know it. (Score 1) 399

There may be a little checking going on but if you've ever tried to cram a 1080p/60 w/ multichannel LPCM soundtrack through a cheap cable (even a 6 foot one), you will realize that cable quality DOES matter when you get tired of the signal dropping out in your movies. Not necessarily price, but definitely quality.

It's digital in that it works or doesn't. The problem with bad / cheap cables isn't that they don't work entirely. It's that they sometimes don't work.

Submission + - bookmarking owners acquire Tap 11 (

fotoguzzi writes: Nathan Olivarez-Giles of the Los Angeles Times reports that YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen have added analytics firm Tap 11 to their new company, AVOS. At the beginning of the month the pair purchased the Delicious social bookmarking service from Yahoo.

Connecting the buzzwords to envision how will allow the bookmarkees to know if their message is getting to the bookmarkers.


Submission + - Sony Could Face Developer Exodus on PSN (

donniebaseball23 writes: As the PlayStation Network outage continues, developers continue to feel the economic pinch. There's been no word from Sony on whether they'll compensate companies who produce games for PSN, but Capcom has already said it's losing potentially "millions" from the downtime. Worse yet, developers who rely on PSN revenues may jump ship if they aren't compensated, warns Dylan Cuthbert, creator of popular PSN game PixelJunk. "I have a feeling they [Sony] are thinking about doing something or they will lose developers which of course is pretty bad for them," he told IndustryGamers.

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