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Submission + - UI wants to make me vomit 3

Stonefish writes: The new Slashdot UI is so bad that I have removed the shortcut from my browser's toolbar. Thanks for the fish...... goodbye

Comment I love my 3D TV's (Score 1) 399

We have 2 x 3D TV's in the house, both get used in 3D mode at least 10% of the time for watching Bluray content.
I was planning an upgrade later this year. I'm disappointed :(


Samsung Starts Mass Producing New 512GB NVMe SSD That's Smaller Than a Stamp ( 75

An anonymous reader writes from a report via PCWorld: Samsung announced late Monday night that it has begun mass producing a new SSD that is tinier than a postage stamp. PCWorld reports: "The PM971-NVMe fits up to 512GB of NAND flash, a controller, and RAM into a single BGA chip measuring 20mm x 16mm x 1.5mm and weighing just one gram, the company said. Samsung says the PM971-NVMe will hit 1.5GBps read speeds and 800MBps write speeds. The PM971-NVMe is built using 20nm NAND chips and includes 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM as a cache. The NAND is triple-level cell but uses a portion as a write butter. The drive will come in 512GB, 256GB and 128GB capacities." While on the topic of hardware, Intel unveiled its Broadwell-E family, which consists of an "Extreme Edition" Core i7 chipset that has 10 cores and 20 threads.

Comment Its definitely faster for some things. (Score 1) 982

Having done windows 10 upgrades on all 6 PC's I have say that it doesn't always work out of the box so to speak. The last PC I upgraded didn't go as planned.
Windows 10 decided not to install drivers for my GFX card and the sound card would hang making loud annoying sounds.
But a visit to the nvidia website fixed the graphics problem and re-installing the sound drivers using the windows 8.1 driver worked a treat.
Saying no to 90% of the questions is always a good idea (those are the questions that you get if you choose not to go with the express defaults)
I had to re-install the win8.1 webcam driver too. But then everything worked.
Startup is about 3 seconds faster 10 seconds as apposed to 13 seconds to boot (from grub boot screen to windows) - My PC is dual boot and is running an SSD.
Copying from SDcard to my NAS (windows 8.1) 1.2MB/s (Windows 10) 56MB/s (linux 4.6) 48MB/s So that is well fast in windows 10.
Games seem to work as well as on windows 8.1.
It its annoying how microsoft do all they can to make you sign in with a micrsoft account. You can get round it by choosing Create account, then choosing don't use a microsoft account.

Comment Why has this taken so long? (Score 2) 68

Capacitive input devices such as touchpad's and touchscreens have always been touch pressure sensitive. It's a very simple principle. The harder you press, the larger the contact area that your finger makes with the screen / touchpad. My PS2 / Serial interface'd ALPS Glidepoint from almost 20 years ago could do this.
I wonder why it's taken so long for someone to realise this could be useful as yet another input vector. I should add that the Glidepoint never used this for input, it just showed a bigger circle on the task tray icon the harder you pressed. My guess is that windows 95 didn't know how to deal with pressure, though things like paint shop pro did work with a pressure sensitive wacom tablet.

Maybe apple don't use this feature, maybe they use a strain gauge in the glass? That said a strain gauge wouldn't work too well at the edge of the screen.

Comment This will kill people (Score 1) 602

I think that anyone who thinks removing lane markings on the road needs to try driving on such a road in bad weather conditions late at night when they are tired and just want to get home.

With any luck they will not see that bend in the road and will drive off the cliff and die.

There we go problem solved. Do this to all parties campaigning for this very stupid idea and it won't be a problem for anyone else.

But seriously, I have lost count of the number of times I have been in the situation where visibility is reduced, its night and you can't see anything else accept the fog reflected in your headlights and those dashed lines, often there are no edge markings on the road or they have been covered by debris or just worn off.

Those dashed lines are all that you have to guide you along that road and all that you have to keep you on your side of the road.

Just as a side note, Aren’t those lines used by Tesla's autopilot feature?

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