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Comment Re:VAC is a joke (Score 1) 336

Well its finding the steam id that's the problem. And not in my experience of admining do they eliminate the hidden characters. Often it seems the admins don't even notice two ppl have the same / very similar name. I've had plenty of instances of admins banning the wrong person. Lol i've had times where people don't even try to voteban me 'cause they think i'm console.

Comment Re:2 Main Problems with VAC (Score 1) 336

1) There are cvar checks - when I cheat some server-side plugins kick me for cvar changes, at least in TF2. One funny plugin lies and says "VAC ban detected" lol. 2) Read the VAC forums - it is possible, through rare because of delayed bans. Visit the vac forums or cheating sites. Some sites hide the fact that they are detected. Enhancedaim, artificial aiming, private hax, etc. are all open and honest about being detected.

Comment Re:VAC is a joke (Score 1) 336

I cheat on TF2 but except playing with another cheater on my friends list, i can count on two hands the number of obvious cheaters i've seen. As for the ones that try and hide it, well idk. Recently a lot of cheat sites got hit by valve, but some tf2 cheats remain undetected - for one. So you should be seeing less.

Comment Re:VAC is a joke (Score 2, Interesting) 336

Its easy to fool admins into banning someone else - just put a speical invisible character like unicode 0002 at the end of someone else's name. I've done it lots of times. Sometimes you win sometimes you loose. For some games / cheats there are ways to randomly change your name often making it hard to track who the cheater is.

Slashdot's Disagree Mail 126

Usually persistence is an admirable quality. There comes a time however when you reach that fine line between endeavoring to persevere, and drunk dialing your ex-girlfriend. The mail this week is from people who don't know when to say when. You have to admire their determination and feel a little bit bad that they don't have anything else to do. Read below to see how many times someone can click send in a day.

Slashdot's Disagree Mail 202

Slashdot has one of the best discussion systems there is. It's grown and adapted over the years to meet various challenges and suit the needs of our users. A lot of time and effort has gone into it and we are always open to user input to help make it better. Some of our best ideas start as user suggestions and we appreciate the feedback. Of course they can't all be gems and sometimes the suggestions we get are unworkable or just bizarre. Here are a few of my favorite unhelpful, helpful suggestions.

Slashdot's Disagree Mail 206

Being in a relationship is not easy, more than half of all first marriages fail in this country. That statistic doesn't improve if you spend most of your time reading your favorite website and not tending to the needs of your family. Instead of asking me to help fix your relationship maybe you should try playing with your kids, talking to your wife, and not staring at a computer screen all day. You should realize that the help link doesn't provide help with your life. It's mostly for getting passwords and stuff. Below you'll find a collection of people that should have reached out to Dr. Phil and not Dr. Sam.

Submission + - OpenOffice goes online (

MrGond writes: "Ulteo (the company co-founded by Gael Duval, father of Mandriva), has put on public beta the online version of OpenOffice (JRE required). 1GB of online storage is available for your documents. Registration required (if using a GMail account, check your spam folder)"

Submission + - Lenova recalls 100,000 laptop batteries

Thundgelmir writes: "Chinese PC maker Lenova, who bought the namesake to IBM's thinkpad, has just had to recall 100,000 laptop batteries after recieving four reports of them overheating. From the article: It's the second battery recall for Lenovo in less than six months. In September, 526,000 rechargeable, lithium-ion Sony batteries purchased with ThinkPad computers were recalled after one of them caught fire at Los Angeles International Airport."

Submission + - Asus announce laptop made from Bamboo

An anonymous reader writes: It seems like Asus has recently been inspired by what nature has to offer judging by its latest laptop designs. The Asus EcoBook comes with real bamboo panelling and will be available early next year. "Making a laptop out of wood doesn't sound all that sane a project, but we should probably get accustomed to this sort of thing — Asus has already delivered the first leather-bound laptops, and Tulip does a range of crazy laptop skins for its Ego range." All I can say is watch out for pandas.

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